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What is a $2.5 trillion blank cheque, He says He and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are advising President Trump to move forward with an executive order to help people affected by the cove in 19 pandemic that executive order could be issued as soon as this weekend. Ah plane has crashed, landed at an airport in India with nearly 200 people onboard. ABC is Tom reverses. The flight was in route from Dubai when it skidded off the runway while landing in heavy rain. It broke into two main sections. Plane did not catch fire and passengers were quickly evacuated, local media reported. The passengers were Indian nationals returning home after being stranded abroad because of covert 19 restrictions. At least 16 people were killed and more than 100 others were hurt. And an oversight board has demoted Milwaukee police chief Alfonzo Morales. This comes after questioning how morale is handled multiple incidents, including ordering officers to fire tear gas and pepper spray at protesters demonstrating over George Floyd's death. The city's fire and police Commission voted to demote Morales to captain after 3.5 years on the job way. Have a crash on the 605 in wittier. This one is along the South found side. It's coming right up on Whittier Boulevard. Watch out. They were going in the left lane. It looks like they might be off to the shoulder now in traffic is trying to recover coming away from the 60 Check in with Mike O'Brien. KF Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com E. Scott Anaheim Hills Getaway Friday and you're sure feeling it here? 91 eastbound. Just weird Canyon just kind of clear problems here out of the number two lane. It's just adding to the misery, though. Very, very heavy from the Imperial Highway over to Green River. Another very cost stretch approaching 15 pretty much from surface Club on and off into Riverside. Even the West 91 lot of soy now from Van Buren, overthrew in to McKinley into Corona. The 2 10 I should say that 10 10 eastbound at 57. I'm heading up the Pomona. Looks like you got a problem in lanes there that's backed up up and over Kellogg Hill there back in the West Covina. Injured in an accident isn't superwoman super lawyer dot com. Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky KF eye in the sky helps get you there Faster. I'm Angel Martinez this hour of the John and Ken Show is brought to you by a S. Auto insurance specialists visit a s insurance dot com. Today we'll check the warm weather next I will give you $1300.

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