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Isn't it? I think so on top of that he's posting stories on his website going after the Ecuadorian stay protecting him. Well, that's not very smart. Can't be that break guest. If you're an international fugitive. The morning drive with John Phillips and Jillian barberie morning. Six to ten AM seven hundred K ABC, and I'm offended. We've got all these calls and all these people. We can't say how dare you say Christopher Plummer will replace him on empire. Yeah. He's gonna play the sun with the singing career and just because he's a British old British white guy. He's like the new Darren bewitch, and he'll be back because he's a star on that show. And he'll go to rehab for something to be determined at a future date and get out and be remorseful. And do the whole then they'll get a second hit on this. Then you get the remorse tour. Will you come out? And it starts I'm here to start a conversation. Why when I was kid I got into trouble. I never started a conversation about something. Hey, hey, mom, dad. Isn't this a teachable moment? Let's use this as an uplifting moment. Yeah. I don't think. So this was this was pretty agreed. This was this was bad. And also, look what look at the. Hey, look, how it. Ramped up eight on both sides and the rhetoric and again, I hate it. When people jump in right off the bat, and they're talking out of there. You know, what they drop trial, and they don't apologize now. They've ramped it up. They've taken to another level. And then, of course, the other side is going you always say, we're racist. Where this look what you did. And that's Regis. So it's it's really it's sad. It's sad that he did this. But you know, he will again he'll pay. I don't know how long he'll go in for. If it all. Go interferes, lawyers will keep them out. Like, Jessica said, he'll do public service or do do something that we'll we'll we'll teach him a lesson and mollify the public possibly.

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