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So i feel like any of saying davis a by bitter them in lena and ball love more scary good and And he can rely to get better. You know about that. He's gotta get when you mentioned the tukwila june periods men. The he's gonna leave the wife he lost. Captain is He's never traffic bad him adding he's must've new captain see their best novel. Changes aimed at this audience. Cheap that'll be eligible. Ones only one info bralow contention. Cairo medal from exact middle time for bed. Middle have email even win the the dhabi morning clayton denny to the guys just for the tissues off here in that speech on all he wants djakou's ago that's got Who's the one that you're just tear weiss as aboard chadwick. He's really going to just looking forward to the whole eight. He doesn't plan for us anymore. We got rid of the little suk. Sorry maria knife me for me. it's gonna be georgiadis. He's gonna learn how to actually lead not which holiday dixon is and take a mock somewhere else. That would help. Wouldn't it other than what you'd be stupid enough to even standing charlie dixon's why unless you have the hots for the nurse in the intensive care be just have the guts to ask her out way. Going to have appropriate to toll full was structured as she not two forwards leading to the ones boss on a lavatory muscle georgiadis interesting. 'cause i like a locus becky show different than two different but by own the long on saudi and the alan marshall documents having georgiadis sign that you should try dixon sign that i saw charlie dixon at lighting disrepute landreau headlines. It'll be on the front page of the Who's gonna be some fed to break. He's going to have the breakdown whose last season he's gigan- stabbed you these one who's Gonna say the twenty twenty one day assaults walnut song. Oh shit actually can't on him. All right i'm going. Have to buy baja raleigh. Bonas gonna be how is apply. Who's not gonna make it three twenty. Twenty one wrecking getting at the end. While he's he's on he's probably in the top twenty five. He's a bit of a whipping boy. There's just Guarded is dice. He's lost easing off. He's like he's like money westoff. He's when you westoff loving dies hating and bona resentful now. All would've said he was he. Replies pinata nassau a two year old is formerly get hey surprise the hell out of me said i a good time small. Any size convenience leads position church. arkansas. Mola halfback doesn't work. I recommend a wing half for probably works for a bad choice. Occupied nikki down with yet. Ma ma creek. Don't get him up from you. Yeah it going up. I'm actually. I've wanted to hold on. I'm eddie i just going to say eight point seven but say but you also still give a maccabi years attention contender dual. The nuggets white is still bought upon get dropped three. Do you get the season that somehow win again. These ibuki three year. Yeah yeah one way. Being unique. Nineteen nelga michiko. Melvin nells elba salsa nick. Nick who's to change format of the show at my place sixty controversial while up anywhere on seatbelts him when homerton regretting suit doesn't keep his performance. Oil may stop fooling down. And yeah yeah. He's way could consider retirement soon net. He does great stuff. Reckons he does not perform are are. Can you see cod. Keep up going nowhere near highway because we let's go on and you ask yourself. Do you need to win the guy and when you're shopping we didn't have him he can be replaced and he's the letter under his career. It'd be interesting to see. Have we managing for my thoughts tonight. He's been really consistent. No-one tanguy Jane games twenty one guy so he plays in the l. He was two thousand twelve when he had these two thousand twelve. Yeah he's been mega consistent from getting games even from a goals perspective is being. Let's averaging goals was to seize every one point full goals a guy in which these modern day bag He's just a gun all love watching robbie gray yeah when he needs to go out on these things. Better gentleman okay. Here he's got. This is the way you put your reputations as podcasts through the tests question answer and this is simply wear a port adelaide gown to finish at the end of the season way rewound lease episode. Who's going to be closest to the pin. Okay now can see you that you have to actually science or art.

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