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So why guys are deciding on this? They both get every turn to make a save. That's right. Actual to and eleven to thirteen. Yeah, they're still held. Okay. So you got to lift their arms and pull them off. Doors around here though the building to the left of you was on, you saw the craftsman in the one of the right. You can see there is an open doorway. Are you dragging over. Chores I peek in because I like, okay, check. All right. That's terrible. Eleven eleven glance inside. You can see what looks like a pile of rags on the small table in the corner, but nobody else appears to be in there. All right. You guys gonna pull them inside. Another eleven to thirteen failure and eight. Plus there's still there's still time of as much as we can and then like Gog amounts and just Chuck some in cornering the Rover from the growth of should we kill him? Yeah, yes, yes, they would kill us. We watch them skinning. The inhabitants of five will they wake up with them now. Shove it into. Fifteen. One of them succeeds. He kills one guy paralyzed go ahead. Metaxas attack twice each advantage. Both hits her Chris because he is paralyzed amazing. Okay. So those sixteen sixteen hits the automatic. All the damage damages, Korea, everyone is twenty three or twenty three hit both grit. Saves one, save putting things in their mouth. Begins to, but we'll just a minute twenty nine twenty nine points of damage. You just carve him these, these are these more, you know, ranged hunters and not as hearty as some other ones out there in this when you you manage to just two quick swings just carve through the chest and take down the most of the throat. Just tears open. To the ground dead. The other who's leading bound as pets. Begins to to to start making noise and getting ready to your inside. There would fly. This much in the way of wood. It's mostly sunny fireboat. Fire. Boulter fireball bolt. Okay. Still make noise. Go ahead and roll attack. Everyone is doing this shooting with a crossbow. It's definitely Flink sneak attack, but you don't have advantage are not fully bound twenty two hits hits twenty four hits. Seventeen. Six Amager I'm gonna stun him. Natural nine fails. Seventeen damage seventeen damage in the west. The fireball too. To determine which is. Nineteen. Okay. You watch as you can. Freezes up from the sun and then takes a bolt of the throat dies going to roll back as a fireball blackness chess, the fire bolt, and you watch burn space if and cinders and it goes quiet before limping to the ground, the smoke up from it smoldering corpse point the rags in the corner begin to shift as you watch what appeared to be individualist, leaving in the corner begins to come to. Look up and you can see what looks to be a more humanoid. One of the one of the most humanoid of once you've seen there, but with the scales kind of what you manage to make yourself look like to come to conscious. In the middle. Term person. That is that is fifteen succeeds..

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