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Secretary of state with obstruction of justice he says my palm pale must not block the committee access to state department witnesses let's get outside talked rhino will find this is wrapping up this report is right about positive coaching alliance AT from Roseville nine minutes to the cap cities split all across the top ten eastbound I. eighty just after things with ending up from an earlier accident now we have another one he's got eighty it really Boulevard everything is in the center divide but we have some slowing working its way back all the way to Norwood if you're on the gap city freeway westbound the split to downtown is eighteen minutes still slow on the eastbound side east street to the American river almost back to the limit coming in from elk Grove on I five fifteen minutes in there twenty minutes to do it on ninety nine got an accident at twelve Avenue semis involved everything's on the shoulder but that's what things are turning out the light yet on that court or fifty westbound from fulsome twenty three minutes to downtown still flowing on the eastbound side from my five often on to about sixty fifth street from woodland on I five it's twenty six minutes into downtown if you're coming in from Davis good we do still have that problem eastbound eighty at Richard's Boulevard a pick up truck pulling a trailer one of fully engulfed in flames everything's over on the shoulder now the traffic's backed up to highway one thirteen get past that and it's just sixteen minutes the downtown got issues with you the high school sports positive coaching alliance can help PCA national nonprofit offers more than a thousand free online resources for youth and high school sports coaches parents students and administrators visit PC a dead zone dot org traffic on the tans everything. minutes mornings and afternoons Ryan nobles news ninety three point one KFBK sunshine today with a chilly start by the milder afternoon high seventy eight to eighty two clear and cool low forty six.

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