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And so he'll came that and he found a way to develop swing that conformed with all of elimidate. Nations. His surgeries had provided, I mean, with with presented him with his body, his hip, and his low back and his rotation. And there's just so many things that he had to change. And you know, none of us will ever know. You know the the, countless hours that he spent trying to make those adjustments just so he could put a game together. We pizza game together, and then you piece the game together and you go out and you don't know if it's going to hold up and you don't know your mind's going to hold up and Kenny play fifteen to twenty events. And so you saw the culmination of all of that in terms of he shot, he shot the low around early, but he also did that the previous week at the BMW championship, but then he just fell further further back from the lead as the week progressed. Well, the tour championship he was able to hang in there. There were certain parts of the game that kept them in there, and those are all things that he built within the last year. And you know you go back even thirteen. Months ago him and I were working at at the President's Cup. He was assistant captain, and I was. On the support team for the for the American side. He didn't know if you gonna play now, thirteen months ago, and now he's the eleventh ranked player in the world. I mean, it's it's one of the greatest things I've ever seen from a personal standpoint and athletes achieve not thanks for the call from Paris. We look forward to the continuing coverage on golf channel, starting at Saturday at the ripe time of two AM eastern raid here in the states that you're lime clock set the alarm clock, not thanks for the call. Enjoy Paris, obviously will chats. I think that's the third from golf challenge. He's, I mean, he really is incredible. And unfortunately, he and Patrick redid did not work out lost that, and then the lost everything in the afternoon will suit. Jim furic in the rest of team USA does for the rest of the weekend. When we come back, you ready to do a little bit of the sneaky. Good game situation. Send people into the weekend with some quality thoughts and quality plays if you will for week number four. Let's do the National Football League that is next football season is here and no one. Covers football podcast. One sports minute we've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a.

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