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Seahawks, Hawks, Russell Wilson discussed on Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow & Elisa Jaffe


Centurylink field first place on the line in the nfc west really fifth significantly more for the seahawks a great bell telling his folks it fivethirtyeight they do the numbers crunching at the hawks lose the game their odds make in the post season dropped from about seventy eight percent to nineteen percent so somehow some way they got to find a way to get a dead russell wilson talking about l a defensive lyman aaron donald gesture of force he can be you know i have tremendous respect ripe ways the game were really top he's really quick um you know he's a he's pretty special so you look forward was matchups just because all the things you'll you'll remember those are things will tell you kids one day you're not platelets this guy he is a town football player will see if they can contain him to some degree now as far as the health of linebackers k j right bobby wagner a wh right remains in concussion protocol a doubtful for the game of bobby wagner with a hamstring questionable for the game greg bell the news tribune told us earlier he expects at the very least for bobby wagner to give it a go come sunday we'll have more sports coming your way in 30 minutes and i'm just saying this to tom it's sportsrelated carolina panthers owner and founder jerry richardson is being investigated for allegations of workplace misconduct the nfl became aware today that the panthers had initiated the investigation being led by an international law firm and richardson is one of two owners to have owned a franchise since its inception he was awarded the expansion panthers and nineteen ninetythree t made its debut two years later and around the nfl for quite a long time well it's very a big.

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