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I don't know is that what's what's your fruit cocktail. Okay antelope cantaloupe. I don't know if i like them coming. Kill kendall honeydew. Yeah honey do's hyenas good. I can't believe you didn't pick after that. Big hubbub is the passion fruit. This man ran around the bar yelling. Passion fruit his top five. Your passion for fraud of your plash. Patrick for past is a fruit though. 'cause i don't think i've ever really seen a passenger. I'd fruits in the fucking name. Believe it doesn't come up my mind. Because i you know what else. Coconut not fruit. No but also not a vegetable a coconut is. it's not. yeah it's not. The passengers was juice so all. I've heard like the juice. But i i. I don't think i've ever seen fruit to fuck. The papaya hollowed out there. Now it's not fucking no applies. A terrible looking is the fucking pay out. You could slightly dick in. There's nothing fuck though a basically that's fucking skin and bones chick that's a skinny girl. I like I like a grapefruit. I grapefruit we're talking about liking the sugar on. Have you ever eaten a grapefruit with a grapefruit device. You cut the like the little slices out no of it. Thank god you get the right amount of sugar on there to cut the how crazy call to eats like cookies with or something that crazy you chaps. Oh i dunno like grapefruit juice cookies. He does orange juice with with cookies. No no no. But there's something with grapefruit juice. He might do that too. Yeah acid with this staff okay. Voicemail time they're brought to you by movement and the mt you know the motherfucking name. The movement is here. The movement has been going strong for what we were around for nine years. They've probably been around for five of them because they they got a whole new like real new light lease on life if you will. When they started doing the sunglasses they had the the watch game on lock and then along comes the sunglasses game and even that they i they started out with just like you're black shades. And now they're doing you know this stuff with the flip up frames and they're doing Like the neon colors translucent lenses and all this stuff so they they went from like the just like the standard watches and standard glasses to the high. High fashion trendy. You'll very nice in them too. Many think i just have body just more fashioned is more things like like. I just can't pull this off. It's like you look exactly like final berg. The grand scheme gonna look alike but in the grand things. Look you put it on. And i'm like yeah that works. I put it on your loser terrible. It's because i have kids. Isn't it crazy that i have kids. We were talking about earlier. How do i have kids. That's fucking nuts man. I mean look look at me right now. How do i have listened to what i just told you about. How do i have kids you know. Thank god this. have some money. Because if i didn't and this. And i was just mediocre at this and then i had kids i would. I would have brought such shame today. I did bring shame but like here's college tuition. So at least i make up for it but god damn how to kids and being media so yeah you must look in the mirror and be like peop- depending on me. I have dependents. Yeah yeah yeah. Jackson said like how does someone trusts you with their life in choice. He didn't he didn't pick me..

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