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Seven five traffic alert all right any traffic updates give us a call please at eight hundred six eight two one oh seven five you're one of seven five KCL forecasts based out of storms that's not to later on this afternoon Jason Kevin just said another possible hurricanes are run by day don't worry right now scattered possible thunderstorms with a high of eighty five today partly cloudy chance for isolated thunderstorms tomorrow with a high of eighty nine and I don't Sunday partly sunny it's gonna be less humid on Sunday with eighty five degrees are starting the morning off with muggy conditions mostly clear sixty seven right now also if you're headed to the beach all we can you get a chance of passing thunderstorms we can do with the beach they roll through very quickly you could have a lows excuse me hi is in the mid to low eighties and then at night time low seventies it's gonna be beautiful your beach forecast brought to you I by the way be sure to go with them five TCL dot com to register for this you reach report brought to you by corona hard seltzer register to win eight corona hard seltzer prize pack and a two hundred dollar gift card you got to be twenty one or older corona hard seltzer invites you to enjoy the moment offering a date the beach where ever you are bright flavors meet at beach vibes corona hard seltzer that your traffic and weather together for the planet fitness studios I want to have in fact easy out so over the past six months my mom and I have both bought our vehicles from crescent fort in high point I got an explorer my mom just got one of the new twenty twenty four to scape and she's loving the drive and one of the reasons we keep going back to prison for is not just because we know we're getting the best deal from sales manager Sam and not just because they keep treating us like family but we also have a no brainer decision whenever we're thinking about where are we gonna.

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