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You'll bicyc- cly you'll running a algorithm to use a computer you'll starting something chaotic you'll starting something random by rolling a die soul throwing the coins. But the idea is that with the the computer software by clicking. The mouse you doing the same thing you'll starting a kiosk process. You'll starting some kind of randomize -ation algorithm. For example, that I mean, that's how would work online you'll just triggering. So it is the intention to stop the Kyle's ole that's. Native to create the spice for the spiritual dimension to merge, it may very well be. But for me, I feel that even if a computer is a random generator, and we know that it's completely random that. It will you know, to millions of digits or whatever else I still feel that actually provide provides a constraint as opposed to you actually sitting there. And I mean, even though you constrained by how many combinations you can have the coins. This just I feel like the moment that you add something digital to it. It takes something away. And this goes, you know, some of the themes that we've been talking about on the show over the last couple of years of how our society has been influenced by these digital devices. And you know, we hear these stories of shaman saying with disconnecting from the spiritual world, but with that disconnection from the spiritual world, it seems to be, you know, this invest relationship with ou- attachment an increase to digital items. So I feel that this something about it. That's even. If it is creating this kale that it might work to a degree it still providing a barrier to us actually, connecting with that spiritual. It's interesting some people that claim to be out of see into other dimensions have made the statement that the consciousness or entities on the other side have greater difficulty dealing with modern technology than I do with all school geeze. Yes and made products. I think it was David Spangler who was the author of techno elementaries who touched on that as well because he was describing different kinds or an of evolution of entities because of this change in technology, and it was interesting to compare paid as work to spangles work on that techno elementaries plus show we did. Because basically Spangolo was queuing that he he can see into these realms can see these dimensions of existence that that exist any kind of attention from. Creator which is really what paid was talking about. This idea of hacking, creating getting your hands into that spice and making something that extra that intention that full that focus that actually creates an entity in all Spangler argue that they can interact with C N into these entities. Whereas pay to kind of he stopped short again of crossing that line. The the question of the sentence of the creation doesn't really come up the question he's asking. But I'm actually I'm actually more interested in that. I I'm interested in the pay touches on this sense of being this idea of the creation having some kind of sentence. And yes, yeah. I I kind of do prescribe to that pan psychic DEA that the creator is doing more than just creating a sense of being they actually off creating a being in what I Mike. I always find it fascinating. And I'm really pleased that he mentioned the Gullam because over the years, I've always found Gholam of Prague to be a fascinating story. Because it's so is it similar to, you know, the creation of the topa LBJ's signed because it's an actual physical being that's has been given sentence as opposed to being has manifested out of thought. But it's the same kind of underlying concept. I think, but as with the topa this thing eventually got out of control, we create these things we create these censure entities, and they always seem to go out of control. And why is that is it that as human beings wants to break away from our will is at that. Ultimately, the intention even though it might have been good to protect the people of Prague. But ultimately, there's a sinister fullest behind it. That's trying to take over dot. No, just find it fascinating. It gets out of hand. It's such a great engineering lesson, isn't it? It's such a great metaphor the way humans have this Huber..

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