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I county mr chairman my dear fellow mayors ladies and gentlemen thank you for it might inviting me to the united states conference of mayors centrehalf me speak here in my capacity as mayor of bond endesa first vice president of clay local governments for sustainability one in germany is proud home to some twenty un organisations in particular to the climate change secretariat of the united nations one has also been venue two of coq 23 of climate cup 23 on november last year equally has been the voice of cities in the global climate debate since 1995 equally us was launched more than two decades ago and looks back on the fruitful cooperation with the cities all over the country this cop showed that climate action is unstoppable irreversible and it showed that likeminded local leaderships has had has manifested all over the globe i'm convinced that we are still all movement has been a vital momentum taken at the cup 23 i therefore applaud to the signatories to us mayors and governors united in their support for a better climate future and i thank those vetoes from us cities and states who came to bonn and stand by their peers from all over the world des moines new york city pittsburgh and the state level california origin or reagan and washington were part of over three hundred thirty local and regional leaders from more than sixty countries who made it to the climate summit of local and regional leaders on november twelve last year us conference of mayors meeting today in washington dc wcs pm washington held inside grounds opponent invitation of the u n f tripled c and the trump presidency the summit was a manifestation of dedication and dr unprecedented in number and diversity of local and regional leadership the bonn ficci commitment expresses our willingness to be full partners in the process to come before and beyond 2020 we affirm our commitments to raise our climate sharon and connected to the rest of sustainability a joined us in a holistic way we will make sustainable urban development a driving force in the climate agenda we also called on the parties of the unf tripled c and the nations of the un to collaborate with us to enhance the nationally determined contributions we also called for an inclusive and ambitious goal climate architecture implemented.

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