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And forth that people are working one shift like nighttime, and you get used to that. But if you're working those split shifts where it's during the middle of the days one thing, and then you have to do a couple of all Niners in your back to the regular and so forth, really hard. So he says that last week he had to pull to split shifts where he worked all night long. He's never had more energy than he's had in. Last couple of days. It was able to get through those split shifts without any sort of issue. He says he was getting ready to get going right through it worked his work right way through it and never had more energy than when he was able to do that. Just now that happens a lot. We have a lot of truck drivers program. We have a lot of nurses that pull these shifts. How about our ER doctor patients? I mean, we have a good number of emergency room doctors that have to pull those shifts and actually have to be awake for what they're doing right on a daily basis. Right. But so where I was going with this control issue and feeling good about yourself and really gaining that confidence to go into the store and shop again as I really wanted to say, congratulations to Wendy. So her husband stop by the office to pick up, and you hair and saliva kit for her so that she could do it once she's done with the program. So that we could see how her body has changed and see if she needs any supplements going forward or maybe not and he showed me her before. And after it's actually already on our website. Her name is Wendy. She went from a size eighteen to us ice ten when I tell you the difference in how she looks belief shell so changed the color of her hair. Which is basically what I did almost five years ago more than five years ago when I did this. You know, she is a different human being. And I said to him. I was thinking everything about her is just completely different. You know, not even the physical. There's something in her eyes. That makes is making her feel and look like a completely different person. Right. It's a sparkle, right? It's almost like when you find out you're pregnant, and you were expecting that result. And. Is really there's something about that. So it's a really great thing. So congratulations to Wendy. I actually don't even know how much weight she lost. Because it almost doesn't matter from from a. As I like to say, she shopping different store. You know, you're going from an eighteen to attend at size. Ten you're wearing a belt with jeans. There is no problem with the built in jeans, and this is a very this is very important forever. It's going to be the very very important genes show. Listen, I also have I was talking to one of our other patients Kevin who is down twenty two pounds in fourteen days, which is amazing and fourteen days two pounds in fourteen days, and he's going to be down close to over fifty. We're talking about him as one of the biggest little young guy to thirty eight years old. You know, a lot of health issues that he really shouldn't have been having at thirty eight years old at this point. Rectal dysfunction stuff already going on his wife wants and other baby. And they were having some issues, and basically I didn't really go into that with him in the waiting room. But what he did say to me was that life is a lot better. Twenty two pounds down fourteen sparkle he did. So I kind of left it at that. Which is as we will now. So. Yeah. In forty days, we typically seeing twenty five to thirty five pounds with women thirty five to forty five plus pounds with men and that's shots hormones. The program is personalized to each individual.

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