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Sports talk seven. Ninety sean salisbury show mc jazzy and we were just discussing during the break. I want you guys to fathom this for a second. Both ways. Aaron rodgers Well first of all is is is thrown. What under fees don't flip four hundred touchdowns in his career twin less four hundred twelve from four three eighty three eighty eight hundred eighty nine and is and is starting to like what twenty six twenty seven years old right and he is less than one hundred picks right now. Mahomes is twenty five and one. I want you guys to think about the take about this now. Mahomes hundred touchdowns in three years in his throne. How many picks did you say josh. Eighteen nineteen picks. Now you now. let's just assume. First of all the touchdown to interception ratio stupid when you compare them to like at this same stage when far when rodgers gets to four hundred. He's like two hundred. Ticks lesser hundred and eighty picks less than Farve less he has not had. He's had two seasons of double digit interceptions. Just doesn't throw laws. Goes two thousand ten yet. Still thrown in making big plays off ballots. You know what i'm saying on. How many how many over the last three seasons do you think he has picks yeah eight. That's exactly right eight. It's it's it's some guys will throw that in four weeks okay. Now i want you to fathom this and both ways number one. How good mahomes is at at his rate. But you think about this now. Think what we how the regard we hold mahomes and his hell explosives with all those weapons. Let's assume that he has a fifteen year career and averages which is pretty phenomenal. That you're you're talking about zoo thirty three and a third touchdowns a year okay. Which in this leaks pretty good. Let's just say over the next fifteen over the next twelve years. He does the same so for fifteen years. The averages one hundred touchdowns every three years. That's what five hundred touchdowns right. Yeah he's going to break the right her by lot but think about it well but think about this so it looks phenomenal. And his touchdown interception ratio will be through the roof as good as he is. But you think about this. Do you know how how lucky you gotta beat a play fifteen years in this. This leaked the where you just expect like. I mean the the franchise quarterback is playing that long because they don't have too many examples of them not basically playing that long right right but you start to think about guys who i mean cam. You think cam's going to get to fifteen years now. But he's a star. He's not that plays right. He plays a little more getting beat up and knocked around and he runs. Physical point is though even then as good as you think about even then now he may have a season where mahomes goes back to back fifty touchdown seasons. He's at good thirty. Three may be on the low side for him as we continue to roll on once. Say this facetiously ineffectually. Once he learns how to play okay and and even understanding what would he gets even more grasping this game. It could be frightening once he on pace for this season. It's gotta be forty something. Well he's he's twenty five eight games. Now are the nine they are. They're nine games for almost fifties on pace for forty eight. Forty six to forty eight hours ago finished. He's on pace for forty seven hundred yards forty four touchdowns in two picks and may not win the mvp. Yeah if he's all those numbers that you can't not win the mvp if he will unless unless of course with russia's defense and he goes russell roll the ball the team though right roscoe's forty eight and fifteen and they make the playoffs a thirteen touchdowns thirteen interception. I don't know if russell though that many but you're right did it could be. Maybe i don't think homes is out of this mvp race. Let's just put it that way. And that's an understatement. But think about this though. Averaging almost thirty five touchdowns a year if he averaged thirty five touchdowns a year for the next twelve years. You know what he's not going to be ahead of brady and brees. Yeah so we're looking this guys. I mean if we if we parlayed this out. We're looking at mount rushmore guy right. I mean we're looking at one of the not only skill set. But his skill set is touchdown performance will match the potential assume. He's going to be mount rushmore guy. Right i would. I think it's and while maybe an assumption the performances barron itself out quickly. okay. I'm with you one hundred percent but you think about what he has to do and what he is doing. And what a tribute to the longevity of reason and not just longevity but you know how a lot of guys will play really good for a decade and then we start to see their game then they start throwing twenty five touchdowns a year. You know what. I mean twenty. It's just start to see a tail off unless it's the but the brady brees rivers. They still keep putting up touchdown. Numbers i trip out. Because i can you imagine though. And all that. And you still haven't reached those guys touchdown passes because their longevity and brady still not done and brees. Maybe he's done at the end of this year and and working at nbc. Which i think he will be. But you start to think about that. How phenomenal it is what it's going to take to get to six hundred touchdown pass now. Mahomes is definitely capable but good gracious. They make this guy's a sizable. I promise you supposed to be this easy it now. Maybe it's they. It's not easy to them but it sure looks like like the mahomes of the world make it look easy. Don't they just like bingo at no time when they're playing do i ever think that he's not gonna take it down score. It's weird. i mean. I just always believe he's gonna make me a throw. That gets him in the end zone. And andy reid gonna dial it up but you look at all those guys that all those guys get a chance to make things happen right and get a chance to to put the ball in the air and mahomes can have an unbelievable career and at fifteen years still not be the all time touchdown leader which is hard for me to fathom and we we talked about extrapolate or whatever. The proper term is mahomes. Doing exactly what he's been doing for that fifteen years he'd be at around like five hundred. Td's and ninety five total picks that that part is why he ends up. Like i mean if there's a guy that's going to flirt with it it might be him but they also throw the ball so much that at some point he's going to have your big. He's going to have a season where he goes back to like. Twelve picks has a few of them. He's got away. Mahomes has got away with some this year. It should be higher. But you can say that about every quarterback you know a an interception dropped. But here's another thing that's fascinating to me about the mahomes thing. He's not in a. Hey let's Low risk football operation. He's not a low risk offense now. The low risk part of it is the screen game. They throw a lotta screens slow screens. Bubble screen smokescreens tied in bubble screens at the goal line. They saw a lot of those high-percentage not not as easy throws from the angle. Trust me and coach the people think high-percentage but as often as he pushes the ball down the field and throws off schedule and off bounds. They pushed all this is. Hey let's protect the football. We're not gonna take chances offense. You know what i mean. They don't play horizontal football all the time they mix it in but they ain't afraid to take shots and push the ball down the field as we've seen a million times in his three year career at his third year starting so it's just pretty fascinating that he still protects the ball so well but can make throws in windows. Two other cats wouldn't even attempt. I just am fascinated by the numbers game. Which leaves you to say. Guys are quarterbacks and then from josh allen who's obviously on a charge we got some really good players at this position man i mean and in homes is the very best of the best and.

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