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I've been Parker here's what's happening. President Trump held a press briefing. On efforts by his administration that he says will lower the cost of drug prescriptions for US customers. During today's briefing, the president also spoke about the results of the 2020 election president. Taking no questions is he announced new. Lower drug pricing rules likely to be challenged in court. And claiming Joe Biden lost the election. Big Pharma ran millions of dollars of negative advertisements against me during the campaign. Which I won, by the way, But, you know, we'll find that out President Trump claiming the media tech companies, drug makers and Democrats conspired to steal the election and the field. ABC NEWS Washington Former employees for Mary of Conflict protesting outside the Back Bay Hotel today over 200 workers lost their jobs from that location back in September, and they say they were not given the chance to return to work but instead told to reapply for their jobs, Many who have reportedly offered less than half of their expected severance pay. Boston City counselor Ed Flynn spoke at that rally today. This hotel during a pandemic during Thanksgiving and Christmas. What did they do? They they laid off 240 workers on constable in the city of Boston. Boston doesn't treat its work is like that needed should Marriott, according to a press release the groups calling on the Massachusetts government to provide more protections for workers involved. This month, Providence became the first East Coast City to provide protections. Passing legislation that allows any hotel worker who was laid off for furloughed because of the pandemic have first priority of being rehired before other candidates. It's Boston's historic shining light that's attracted tourists for generations. Now controversy swill swirling around on Beacon Hill, where tourists have become well a nuisance on one very particular street. It's a tiny, cobblestone, private way with fewer than a dozen brick homes. But Acorn Street has become a tempest in a teacup on Beacon Hill, where Boston Brahmins have ruled with a stiff upper lip since the 16 hundreds Throngs of camera toting tourists have turned the usually quiet passageway into the most photographs treated the instagram age. Now residents of the street want to erect wrought iron gates at either end to keep the outsiders out. William Young represents the Acorn Street Association opens, There will be some support for introducing at architecturally appropriate means of keeping Acorn Street from being loved to death. Not so fast, says Rob Whitney of the Beacon Hill Civic Association, which represents the larger neighborhood of stately homes as a last possible resort. Losing this long known historic street would be a terrible precedent for Beacon Hill. The debate over what to do is just beginning. For now, The tourists have the freedom to roam to the dis vague of those who call this quaint private way home. On Beacon Hill. Mike Macklin WBZ Boston's news radio, 5, 33 traffic and weather together, the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Well, I guess Rob, we could say it's not as bad as it was earlier, well, no and in most areas, starting to thin out that one of the places it is not is the mass Turnpike westbound, which is still slow around the Western state police very soon now getting reports of a possible crash between route 30 and Route nine. Looks like it's hardly moving there and then big delays from 1 42. And Milbury out past the 2 90 ramp. We have that ramp to 90 west to the pike West closed in Auburn. All traffic has to go on to the Pike East from 2 90. The eastbound pike is filled in to 92, 1, 46 and Milbury. Then again around Alston brighten a lot of volume in the Pike East and that left lane exiting off it. Cambridge Street. Storrow Drive East, his back towards Mass abs Southdown Expressway heavy down to Columbia Road. Granted after a crash reported near Furnace Brook, Route three south of crash clearing near 1, 39 and Route 14 and that stretch down towards Dex free getting reports of a crash 93 South before route 24 Randolph. Let's check out the upper end of 1 28 with the mop reinsurance copter Well are still having issues here on what's what he ain't South found first off, it's slow from Endicott Street down past the North Shore ball. Then you're back in different Main Street, Lynnfield to a crash. That's over to the right. This is after North at before you get to reach 28 ready. Do you want to stay to the left? Give them a little more room. North Valley. It is slow on 1 28 from route 38 Rue burn up past the cloverleaf Christian Act on them Offering insurance copter Rob Henkel! Ow! Busies traffic on the three. We're gonna produce.

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