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But anyway it was it's fun to watch these events that you normally there are you talking about the ice dancing where the girls nipple fell out god we're was they replayed it to you later in the night which was so why i now robert pixellated no they did not which was so may i missed it twice tested twice what is wrong with that original taxing me why would you texting and she was french so i'm sure she was fine with it but legs he probably did all the purpose now she didn't she was very mortified i felt very bad for her but nobody getting the silver so sign you will had i hope that would have gotten them the gold but i was just about to scott of vis soda strat mean i could see why they got here lower distracted the only thing i remember from eurostat answering only rose ice dance who are just pairs figure skating the canadian couple um when they finished their routine the lady fell to the ice because apparently her performance was so good she couldn't stand and he will now stop they did a fell down with joy now and look i'm all about look you nailed your performance you've been working wait for this for four years i get it there's a tremendous amount of a motion but she collapsed under the weight of her greatness that and i found it to be a little annoying and a little off putting it's very yeah joe sairi offshoring soak in the glory taken the applause take your bows skate over to the side and wait for the results yeah and then they started bowling and falling too bad they didn't have a bear mattress to fall on i'll tell you.

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