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You know discipline tough. You know demanding. It's almost like the you know there's so much thrown onto the cowboys that you know. The fans adore him. They love him. It's almost an infection. They get the feeling that they're pretty good without accomplishing anything. Anything and so when you have that type of failing. I don't know that you're just grinding it out. We we got to win this thing somehow some way. We got a winded. It's almost like they've already won but they haven't won but you're right. This probably is the most talented Dallas team that I've seen in a long Graham which is why a lot of people say they're underachieving. The record they have now but with their talent skill positions there talent on on the offensive. Line the defense that they have coming into every game name. And they're just fighting Nichols pillow fight in the NFC east with the eagles to try to come after that division. Do you think Jason Garrett should be fired. I think the jury is still out talk because you know they should win against Buffalo Today I think it's GonNa come down to December sixteenth when they play Philadelphia if they can win in this division if they can win the division which if they beat Philadelphia they should then as talented is. This team is in the playoffs. Anything can happen. Guaranteed a home playoff game against the team. Shirt surely have a better record. But they'll be a home playoff game if they win the big question in Dallas that's looming. His contract talks for Dak.. Prescott Zach entered the season without one since then he's quietly led the NFL in passing yards. Jerry Jones said quote..

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