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Greyhound bus station in downtown San Antonio sister. Denise laroque of the interfaith. Welcome coalition is scrambling to assist the sudden influx of families the detention centers in the holding centers at the border just get so full. It's just like releasing valves letting people go forward with their ankle monitors and all that kind of stuff the newly released families are required to report to immigration authorities when they reached the destinations a rock says she's been told that detained immigrants are being released to make room for caravan migrants. Now in Mexico in a statement, the immigration customs enforcement agency said it is releasing these families to comply with federal law for NPR news. I'm David Martin Davies in San Antonio. This is NPR news. Put in play, right and disaster. Sean gay has died. She was seventy years old Sean gay as best known for the groundbreaking production, titled for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow was enough in Lynn neary has this remembrance. She was born Paulette Williams, but later took on an African name that meant she who comes with her own things, and she who walks like, a lion a feminist poet, she burst onto the New York theater scene with the off Broadway. Production of for colored girls in one thousand nine hundred seventy five it was a startling production. For the time a chorus of seven spread across the stage. Speaking truth about the reality of life is a black woman that had never been heard before it one, Sean gay and opium award moved onto Broadway. And later it was made into a film by Tyler Perry. Gay was a prolific writer producing dozens of poetry collections plays and novels and in recent years, she continued working even after suffering several strokes Lynn, neary NPR. News Washington Brazilian vote Sunday and the second round of a presidential election with an eighteen point lead in the polls the front runner is a retired army captain from the far right boss narrow leftist candidate for Nando Haddad. Finished his campaigning Saturday. I have warning voters that violence will increase gun laws are loosened. One of the things ball narrow has promised to do in the World Series. The dodgers took a four nothing lead in game four Saturday night. But the Boston Red Sox scored nine unanswered runs winning at nine to sex Boston takes a commanding three games to one lead in the best of seven. I'm Jim hawk.

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