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Yeah, exactly. Let it let it be that don't try to go up against it right nice wallets and theaters. Don't try to force feed a Justice League when nobody has seen the Aquaman origin story and nobody's seen the Wonder Woman origin story. You know, I'm saying right and you force-feed this month this compilation of Heroes that nobody seen yet. It's kind of like watching Suicide Squad. Nobody gave a crap. Everyone was kind of rushed into watching how they came about birth. You see I'm saying so I think Warner Brothers should have done in my opinion is just went ahead and said nope, keep up with our own pace and we'll put out each one of these even they could have probably cut time. They could have cut the time down instead of putting one out a year or two out of year. They can put it one movie out every three months, right, you know I'm saying and then that would have gave him for a year. And then by the time you know by the time a year or two have gone by they would have gotten too far away from being able to put out Justice League. I think them force-feeding Us justice league. And now now there's going to be a Snyder cut which is a four hour of patient. Yeah. I can't really can't wait for that. I can't I got have literally have HBL Max one of those reasons, but I think I don't know man. think that this Flash movie is actually going to happen to be really awesome. Now. My question is is that are they going to have Robert Pattinson? I don't know if they're talking about all these other Batman's are they going to just bring in Robert Papp as it stands right now? They're not going to have any him that on there at all. They had to stop filming his Batman because he caught covid-19. Oh, that's pretty sweet. It's a great deal how to vote a tool created by democracy works. It breaks down the options your state offers for casting a ballot empowering you to decide when.

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