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And Ms Toyota and you're listening to WGR sports radio five fifty Kyle Busch going for his third win of the week by the way today in Las Vegas yes there is a race today Kyle Busch was supposed on the pole for today's race because qualifying was rained out in the field was set by last year's owner owners points which put a put Kyle on the pole however he and two other Toyota cars are we going to the rear of the field for penalties they were monkey around with the nose of the cars on their Toyota Camarines and he is going to the rear of the field so is Denny Hamlin and so is Christopher bell in Levine family racing over ninety five they're all going to the rear of the field for today's race they lose ten points I also March you X. receiving some penalties but he'll keep his starting spot so the line up on the front row alongside Kevin Harvick will move on to the front row with Kyle Busch falling to the rear of the field for today's Pennzoil four hundred at Las Vegas motor speedway that gets going at three thirty this afternoon Kyle Busch is already one in Las Vegas a late model race on Thursday night at the short track there at Las Vegas motor speedway which is the short track the cal grew up at racing legends cars he won the truck race on Friday night no surprise there Astrid Friesen finishing in the top ten and now we'll try and win the Cup race the Xfinity race yesterday got started but they did not finish and they're actually gonna finish the Xfinity race after the copperas today and that is going to be about seven thirty tonight eastern time they'll be on FS two if you want to watch that after the Cup race today the Xfinity series the conclusion of their race but one funny thing coming out of Kyle's win in the truck race on Friday night and pile is I think undefeated now in the last two three years when he runs the truck series you can run like five I think it's five races a year in the series Kevin Harvick put up on Twitter after the put up a challenge offer any other full time Cup driver if they can get a truck ride in B. Kyle Busch head to head in a truck race he'll give them fifty thousand dollars and then markets Lemanis who is the CEO of Gander outdoor which sponsors the truck series he gonna chip in an additional fifty thousand so a hundred K. up for grabs if a full time Cup driver can beat Kyle Busch in is in a truck race this year I think tile is doing we've got four more scheduled I think in there all three of those are coming up in the month of March the US so I'm sure I will see if any full time Cup drivers are scrambling to find a truck ride I did too trying chilling Thailand is very impressive KBM team all right we're gonna go back to earlier this weekend in Las Vegas actually this is yesterday I believe in the media center as to get a little more insight in what happened to the response to Ryan Newman's crash on Monday it there's no updates on his injury is worse prognosis or anything well obviously we do know that Ryan is home resting he will not race today Ross Chastain has been hired by Roush Fenway racing to fill in for Ryan today we don't know when he's going to return but this is more about the response to the crash from NASCAR's aspects of this is going to be a Steve o'donnell who's in it executive vice president and chief racing development officer you may also hear depending on time John bobo who is a vice president of racing operations for NASCAR and Dr John Cadillac who is the senior director of safety engineering for NASCAR so these are their comments from yesterday at Las Vegas well first I want to start off by saying you know how thankful we all are to see Ryan Newman walk out of the the hospital in Daytona beach we continue to to work with not only Ryan but his family and his race team as he continues his recovery and will certainly be with him every step of the way you've heard us say this many times that safety is our our primary responsibility and priority and and that you're gonna hear more of that today so a couple good the room couple guidelines for what we're going to share with you today I know a lot of the folks in I know a lot of the folks in this room we want to hear as many details as possible but today we're only going to outline the procedures and processes we have in place to take place in training what we can recap in terms of a time line of what took place at the scene and then the investigation process with the details will be as we roll through this and give back to you with more there are several areas we're not going to touch on today as our review continues and also that the HIPAA laws that are in effect as well so we cannot and we will not talk about anything that details the medical response that may disclose Ryan's personal and protected medical information so to start off I want to say thank you to a few folks and that's the aim our safety team the folks that work together with them and advent health Halifax hospital the Daytona beach police department and certainly the folks at Daytona international speedway all working together on this incident so what we want to provide today is a brief overview of the last lap accident want to look at both the medical capabilities that were involved and also the safety systems that were involved so Dr John Pattle lack is going to leave this for us bill explain a little bit more about the process and then give a complete review once we have all our findings in place so when I give you a brief chronological report of what took place in the key actions that took place so the tool truck arrived at the vehicle nineteen seconds after it came to rest on the firemen that you saw with the extinguisher was in that vehicle one of the three trauma doctors assigned to the safety team for the race arrived at the court the thirty three second mark and a paramedic entered the vehicle at the thirty five second mark for the next three and a half minutes to doctors and paramedics attended to rhyme at the four oh five mark the decision was then made to roll the car over while continuing to help aid the driver at the six fifty six mark the car was upright the extrication team then began cutting the car in it Dr continue to provide treatment the roof was removed at the eleven ten mark and the extrication was completed at fifteen forty and the driver was then moved to the ambulance for transport during this entire time doctors and paramedics were tending to Ryan except at the moment of the car roll over working in unison and performing their respective jobs the first responders perform their jobs as they were trained the training systems for the safety systems all works as were designed but again never satisfied with what took place and we'll learn as much as possible and implement those changes if there are any as soon as we can someone handed over to John bobo who will walk you through the training that goes into each and event from both logistics a medical standpoint and then doctor paddle lacked was because well thanks Dave you know I want to talk about two important parts of this which is our first response training and our medical procedures and policies no training as a full season unto itself at NASCAR before the green flag drops there so much that we do each and every week we are rehearsing and.

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