Texas, Virginia, 10 People discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Steve Harrigan shootings in Virginia and separately in Philadelphia. Virginia police say 10 people were shot to fatally at two locations last night in Philadelphia. Police say seven people were shot after a fight escalated to gun violence in the Fish town neighborhood. Three of the victims were said to be critical. A suspect is in custody there, and a manhunt is underway in Texas for a gunman who shot and injured a state trooper last night that incident about 90 miles south of Dallas. Also from Texas District Judge Laura Livingston rolled yesterday that Austin and Travis County and keep requiring masks, at least for now, We have a lot of freedoms that are bridged in somewhere another in the public interest. Livingston has yet to issue a final ruling on the lawsuit brought by the attorney general against local officials, who refused to comply with his order to end the mandate, and the Dow and S and P 500 closed at record highs yesterday. America's listening to Fox News. 2020 was the year that I changed my life because that is the year that I found the soda weight loss program on a dropped £125 last year. It's a nutritional program. That's the way that it works. If you if you're trying to cut out that fat Wait, it's about nutrition and with soda. You work with your own nutrition is an expert who will make a plan for you a custom plan they provide provide the support the goals. The accountability and the best part is this is a 100% over the phone program. You can do this from the comfort Have your your own home As a matter of fact that they send 80% of the weekly nutrition right to your doorstep. It couldn't be more using if you've got no wait that you need to lose..

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