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Start line in Hopkinton Boston mayor Marty Walsh however is remaining cautiously optimistic that we'll turn it a look in the area obviously while I'm watching watching the trains here to see what the numbers are and it was seen the missile are slowly decline over the last forty days and we hope that that continues to be a says its main priority is the health and well being of members of the community participants volunteers and supporters James R. O. hasta you Beezy Boston's newsradio college sports could be one step closer to opening back up in the midst of this health crisis according to multiple reports today the NC double a council has voted to lift the moratorium on athletic related activities M. they're expected to begin June first says CBS's Matt Piper the decision comes at a time that colleges continue to decide how to proceed in everything from whether to hold classes on campus to football with or without fans the reported vote allows for voluntary athletic activities for football and men's and women's basketball to run through the month of June Southeastern Conference presidents are set to vote Friday on whether to open their schools June first two athletic related activities as for actual games though a majority of athletic directors are confident the football season will be played there is little unity on how or when that might occur but of course a lot of us are hoping for some baseball in July even if the Fenway Park is empty but we can watch from home all right let us say hello to Mona Rivera joining us over at Bloomberg business news how's your day going on Laurie my days going fine but for a lot of people who had to file for more jobless benefits last week they're still waiting to find out whether they're gonna actually get any money and in Massachusetts official as saying that a data processing mistake actually led to the wrong numbers being reported about state jobless claims under the federal pandemic unemployment assistance program the U. S. labor department reported that more than a million filed in what Massachusetts last week but when it was actually ten times less than that stocks are lower due to renew trade tensions with China and evidence of continuing layoffs another two point four million people filed for jobless benefits nationwide last week the Dow is down fifty five points a fraction of a percent both the S. and P. and the nasdaq are down about half a percent I'm on a roll.

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