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Yeah and and look i love where i live up in silicon valley but it's not a college football mecca by any means stanford's the only program i mean it is it's nearby and i like going over there but general like i'm sitting in my house and talking to you every monday about stuff what's going on in the sec or the big twelve or the big ten and you do feel pretty detached from it so the know nothing beats the getting facetime part of the job hey speed and getting facetime wow what a segue i just pulled off do you remember the foster farms bowl we both went to the foster farms while you were sideline reporter and i went and covered it just because it was in my backyard and we're down on the sideline before the game talking to people we recognize one of whom was tony levin the former houston coach who as of that game was still produced special teams coordinator well not anymore tell us about the store you put up on sl on monday so that was the last college football game tony levin thinks you will ever coach him and he knew a couple of weeks beforehand that he was gonna walk away from coaching it had been something he'd been kind of wrestling around with for a bit of time was crazy was so they won in that game they beat arizona and then about two weeks later jeff brom head coach there at issued a statement basically san antonio levin was was getting out of coaching and it was pretty abrupt and a lot of people were like with the heck is he doing it was there something behind it or why why was this you know why did this happen and the next day tony levin had said you know he has four young kids they are i think range from like sixty now from six to thirteen off the age was quite that at the tweet but that they just love the this city of houston and that's where he's been the head coach and also an assistant under kevin someone and they were going to move back and it was really a family decision so i played phone tag with tony but really hadn't been able to you know i kind of wondered was everything.

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