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Radio or my last adventure in jamaica i wanted to do something really special and i went over to good hope and believe it's pronounced chuck a c h u k k a they do all these amazing outdoor kind of high adventure activities but they also have this mix of they're on a plantation in good hope so if you wanna learn about the history of the plantation i did that as well and the views from up there are absolutely breathtaking goto griswold radio dot com i've got pitchers their stunning stunning stunning so you could take the whole multi generational family here do the plantation tour do whitewater will not whitewater but due to being down the river or do zip lining i actually did ziplining and i'm afraid of heights is probably not the best choice for me but i figured i wanted to try something different a little out of my comfort zone and the guides were fun nominal so rocky and dave took me zip lining it was it was absolutely amazing i saw the national bird of jamaica which is humming hummingbird has these amazing kind of black long feathers that come off the back of it in the hummingbird was above my head in the bush while i was applying and one of the platforms in the national tree of jamaica is where the hummingbird was so they pointed that out they pointed out all kinds of plant life and they're like okay now jump off the platform i of couldn't manage to get myself to do that but i did this kind of ridiculous kind of sit down and scoot my way off the platform and i did seven of the different lines so it was really cool and when we got off of the zip line all the families and all the kids were high fiving rocky and dave my two guides on those applying because they had been zip lining with them earlier in the day and they were kind of lounging by the pool or by one on the waterfalls a hanging out and every single group of guests that we walked by or high five and those guys so the families had.

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