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Hurricane Florence strengthening to a powerful category. Four storm as it takes aim at the east coast. The National Hurricane Center says that the maximum sustained winds are now one hundred thirty miles per hour. The storm is projected to take aim at North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia later this week. All three governors already declaring states of emergency while Florence is. Now, a major storm and continuing to strengthen forecasters are also watching to other hurricanes both further out in the ocean. Neither currently threatening any land areas Isaac is holding steady in strength as a category. One hurricane over the central Atlantic Hellene quickly strengthening over the eastern Atlantic now a category. Two storm with top. Winds of one hundred five miles an hour and Helene forecast to become a major hurricane by tonight. The mother of a man shot to death by North Texas cop still wants to know what happened. Alison, John says the powers that be needed to give her answers on the interaction between Botham John and officer amber Geiger before his death Geiger was arrested yesterday for manslaughter and shooting John to death outside his apartment last week. It's believed Geiger mistakenly believed she was in her own apartment after finishing work. The number of New York City firefighters who have died from illnesses related to the nine eleven terrorist attacks keeps climbing there were three hundred forty three firefighters who died on September eleventh two thousand one but one hundred eighty two passed away sense and more than one thousand either have cancer or respiratory problems union president James 'lamada says. Firefighters spent months sifting through ground zero rubble vowing to try and bring closure to.

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