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A few thousand and european mercenaries and religious soldiers of fortune and the maltese inhabitants and the levy of soldiers from them as well they were completely surrounded and had by may fifteen 65 sat down for a protracted siege the prince's his dukes and kings the assorted royalty of christendom at the time had said that they would come to the aid of the night's hospital or on the island of malta but that let's new that there would be inaction among those nobles as each would assume that the other would be the one to send reinforcements and no one wanted to who send their troops into a disastrous situation so after the initial unopposed landing force of ottoman troops seized control of the island of malta which is part of two islands really a small archipelago including the island of gozo to the north and then you have the straits of malta which separate it from sicily and in sicily of course nearby to the southern tip of the boot of italy the ottomans were quickly able to entrench themselves around the fortifications of the nights of saint john and when i last left you we were discussing the siege of saint emel this was a pivotal moment in this incredibly important battle that i am willing to bet very few if any of you were taught in history class i had to read about it on my own but the decision to besiege saint elmo instead of going for the main fortifications that the nights of saint john had set up around the grand harbour of malta meant that the ottomans were or in effect going for a limb of the resistance instead of the throat right away and that lim fort st elmo was much hardier than any of them had anticipated as an aside it's worth noting that saint elmo is the italian name for saint erasmus of four mia and saint elmo or saint harassed miss was the patron saint of that's right you guest it sailors and navigator so for an island like malta which was a shipping port with some people living living on it naming one of your primary fortifications after that patron saint certainly seem to make a whole deal of sun sense and also those of you who have an interest in naval navigation in centuries past and present maybe familiar with st almost fire no i'm not referring to.

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