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This is the John Baxter Show Election. 2020. And I welcome my colleague Chris Regal, the CEO of scholar dot com. Most importantly, he's in Dayton, Ohio. And he does international business. So we're going to start local in Dayton and then speak of Ohio, which right now is decidedly in the Trump column, but not called, at least according to the careful And hesitant, recalling tonight The mixed picture of Mai Lin's absentees and day of voting means that it is It is unusually difficult to get ahead of this, so I pause. But Ohio is traditionally superstitious. Lee ceremonially the state that Republicans win more than any other if they're to be the president of the United States, Mr Trump won Ohio in 2016 so Chris is a very good evening to you Your view from Dayton, Your view from Ohio. Mr Trump is well in the lead now, although some are willing to call it from some not Do you see the Dayton vote or the Ohio vote is unusual, or does it match what you saw in 2016? Good evening to you, Chris. But evening, John. There were certainly heavy early voting here as there was among much of the country I think you see in the The early comments from the mainstream media about a blue wave that at at minimal that petered out, as you see not only strength for the president in Ohio, but the reelection of congressman both Turner and Jordan in Ohio, which could be the canary in the coal mine. If you look to Ohio to say, how does Ohio predict, say, Michigan or Pennsylvania? If you're looking at the North Eastern counties to the east of Cleveland on the Pennsylvania border. Those have been a solid red block this evening, and that is quite likely very good news for Pennsylvania and potentially also for Michigan, because a very similar Blue collar steel fracking manufacturing corridor that applies in those states as well. I see. So I'm looking at the western, the eastern border of Ohio along Pennsylvania and I see solid red counties all the way down Monroe County, Belmont County. Jefferson County Colombiana County. I know my colleague Selena. Zito told me to watch Columbia on a county carefully and this would be indicative of what's across the border, the rural states of Pennsylvania. I see the large cities Cleveland and Columbus and Cincinnati. Um all trending blue. However, there is this fresh information from Florida. That the Latino vote in the African American vote We're stronger for Trump than they were in 2016. Do you have any indication of those votes in the urban centers of pence of of Ohio? That would be where you are in Dayton? Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. From Montgomery County, just observing the traffic for early voting and haven't compared that to the election of Barack Obama, Montgomery County and the city of David, which is a heavily African American metro centre. African American voters turned out heavily for Obama, but very much less so in this election, certainly participating, but not the levels seen previously, and I think, if anything would be drawn from that, it's that bike may may not have been a real motivator for those African American voters in Ohio. I also believe that Trump picked up quite a few Latino voters in Ohio. Yes, And I see the northwestern part of Ohio is all solid red as well. Traditionally, So does that mean that there's a heavy vote out? Across the border in Michigan, Michigan is in advance. We do not have it the code The counting will go on for some days. I'm told anecdotally, Chris, that there's Ah softness for the Biden vote in Fairfax County, Virginia in Detroit, Central Detroit, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bob. The puzzle here is is their softness for Biden include in Cincinnati in Ohio. Do you hear? So do hear disappointment from the Democrats that they didn't get the vote that they hoped for, or that Mrs Clinton of God in 2016? I think that if you look at Ohio over the last 5 to 6 elections, there was a much larger union component here, and when you're talking to the union rank and file whether they be electrical workers or pipefitters or others. They're focused principally on the economic issues and voting with their wallets. And while they may not necessarily aligned to trumps politics, they certainly lying toe in economic policy of more jobs in future construction. And I think between the two candidates in Ohio Trump probably took a larger percentage of that union vote. In this election than even in prior elections. He would not walk into a union hall and see a messaging other than Biden. But when talking to the union members, they're principally all voting for Trump. Yes, I'm told that the the witticism in Boston was. Don't ask me who I'm voting for. Asked me who my neighbors voting for. Then you get a better answer. Now globally. Everybody's watching this. The The bookies in London of switched their odds dramatically in these last hours. The NASDAQ is up, but it goes up and down. That's the nature of markets. You travel internationally when we're free to travel again. How does this How does this news of a possible trump incumbents a return suit Europe or suit Asia? Are there any generalities that we can draw upon? Given that this is not the result? The pollsters promised 24 hours ago. Very carefully watched the dollar T Wan trade, which started to head very much against yuan in the last two hours, so the Chinese currency seems to be reacting to the possibility of a trump reelection. The policies that would be continued in a second Trump administration are not particularly good precision Ping. And if Trump is reelected, anticipate the Chinese have to come to the table and cut a deal. They're no longer in a in a position to be able to outlast Trump in a trade war. And Mr Trump's policies suiting for the recovery. Does this suit globally? His policies? Are there going to be more accustomed to Mr Trump now? To measure if if he returns to the White House, in other words, that they're going to cut a deal, Chris is Boris Johnson going to ring up trump and say, All right, let's get together. Pragmatically speaking. I think you had a number of world leaders that probably dislike Donald Trump, personally and professionally. That being said they're not gonna wait another four years if he's reelected. To try to restart their economies. The U. S is still the biggest and most powerful economic market in the world. So if Trump is reelected this evening into this week than those leaders will have to cut deals for their people, the best deals that they can get because they cannot box themselves out of the U. S market. The generality is that Americans vote their pocketbooks. Do you see that tonight, Chris or Is there some trend here? That is not that is not traditional. I think if if Trump is successful in winning tonight, I think you're seeing a repudiation of many sectors of the media in many sectors of the population. That are really kicking back and saying, we're tired of being talked down to. We're tired of explaining that all lives matter or explaining that our jobs being outsourced to China stop so you could see yet again another wave of the basket of deplorables pushing back against the Coast elites. I read you from Senator Lindsey Graham's Victory speech tonight and South Carolina. Uh, he's necessarily excited, but he's also always eloquent..

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