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Boost covert 19 vaccinations make this tender connection for us. Yeah, the Biden administration there, do what they gotta do to get those needles and arms across the country that that ambitious goal of 70% of the adult population being fully vax buy or lease, I think, actually half faxes. That is the original plan by by July 4th. So there at like 60%, so they've teamed up with online dating platforms, including match dot com, which is your right, It's tender. It's OK Cupid and I believe plenty of fish in a couple of others. Another sites like Bumble and all that to put front and center on your profile that you've been fully vacs and OK, Cupid found that if you have chosen this for your dating profile that you've been fully vaccinated, it's front and center. You are 14% more likely to find a match because people feel that that's attractive that, Hey, they're protected. So you have a choice. Now, with these online dating apps again in partnership with White House to say that you've been a fully vaccinated Be partially vaccinated. See? Not yet vaccinated, or d you know, prefer not to say so s so if you if you want to say that you're fully vaccinated you maybe finding love a little bit easier, or at least a companion or hooking up or whatever you're usually sites for just saying, just saying, if it's mutually, you know if it's consensual, what? Whatever, but, yeah, say you're vaccinated. Hopefully we are, but this is ah, I think a smart ploy to get more people vaccinate. Okay, It's part of a new pickup line. Hager. Are you vexed? Exactly, But also, I'm looking at the incentives and maybe you're seeing more than I am. I don't really see any other incentive. You're telling me that you're gonna make my profile? More visible? If I am fully, Baxter say I am. But are they sponsor and like a first date? Are they giving you some coins towards lunch? I mean, what do they need? More than just put a vaccination sign on your profile? Well, I think the incentive for people who have the correct me from wrong here, but I think that people who are on these dating platforms he zaps. To swipe writer swipe left, however, the ideas that you want to find a match. So if if these stats are showing that you are statistically more likely to get a match Because you are saying you're fully vaccinated? That should be incentive enough. Maybe. I don't know. I love the idea of smile. Love the idea of sponsoring a first date. Bring it on. I think I like, you know, a meal, like have like everybody eats or a skip the dishes or whatever adored Ashot meal left, you know, even if the restaurants aren't fully open across the country, That's an awesome idea. But I don't think it before that. Have a question. Why didn't they include Ashley Madison and Oh, come, I think of my money trying to reach certain demographics. E don't know how easy it has been to try to cheat on your spouse since Cove it started. I don't know. It might be a bit tougher. I'm just throwing it out there. Thankfully, my wife Kelly is not listening to me right now. But I can't imagine for anybody that was hooking up secretly prior to the pandemic. Good luck with the struggle When everybody's at home, the kids Studying at home. I don't know how you're stepping out, so he's right found away who said just saying, You know, it's not one of those things were not opening the lines to get people to call in. But they're sneaky ways. Toe how they're doing this, but one place to go. I'm going to the grocery store again. Exactly. Girl. Meet you on aisle nine. Right next to the catch up. Go. No one can catch it. If you're wearing a mask, they can't see. Yeah, I didn't. There's no one who could say they saw your man somewhere because they know it wasn't me. You know what they were emasculated. They were mistaken with somebody. You've thought this through live? Well, clearly, I have clearly, I have you and I are both Star Wars fans on to get you out of this. And there's something much virtual reality pinball with some star Wars. Brandy. I grew up playing conventional pinball. I love conventional pinball. This generation doesn't probably know anything about pinball. How are they trying to make everything old new again? Yeah, so great question. The answer is twofold. One is that there are these new pinball tables for the home that have a digital table. So it's not a real silver ball as the old whose song sings about, but it's digital so that the benefit there is that it looks like a real pinball table, but you can actually swap between different themes. Which is cool. And then the second way is Yeah, I'm making it more like a video game. Whether it's an app on your iPad. Or as you hinted at Excuse me a virtual reality version. So s so let's start with that. So if you have a Oculus quest had said, or esteem VR or PlayStation VR any of those what we call an hmd or a head mounted display where you put it on then it's like From a first person perspective, you get to see these amazing game experiences company called Zen Studios has taken their Star Wars pinball tables for 25 bucks. And giving you eight different ones that you can play from different angles and perspective by wearing that headset and then using a controller to press the flipper buttons as if you were really playing a table. And there's a bunch of tables that have been released in other non virtual reality versions of Star Wars pinball from the same companies and studios. But they added a few new tables as well, including one tied to the man DeLorean. So if you're a fan of that series on Disney, Plus you could you could play now Star Wars, the it Z. Looks like it's a real pinball table, and it's only in your headset and again from different perspectives. And there's many games and you can also deck out this virtual games room like a man cave or a she shed from a virtual perspective, so that's cool and then going back to the tables in the home. You can pick up for a couple of $100 ones like what's called Legends Pinball, where again, it looks like a real table. But it's in fact, a 24 inch screen that looks like it's ah pinball table. But you can, but with the press of a button, change the theme and go between some classic pinball tables, But it's all virtual. It just looks real. The flippers real and the plunger that you pull too. You know you pulling you let go and knocks the ball. That's real, but that the table the lights, the bumpers and all It is all virtual, but they physics make it seem like it's the real deal. So you have retro games are coming back. Whether it's a classic Pac man or pinball, kitty curse at it and bang on in tilted like a traditional pinball table, not recommended, But yes, Yeah, cursing the cursing is not going to hurt it. Okay? Yeah, I wouldn't. I don't know how many people are gonna be banging on it. But they said it does support the You know that the gentle little nudges that I grew up, you know, in an arcade, you know, just had to give it a little push. But, yeah, they say it supports it, But I wouldn't want to do that with a HD table, You know, so But, yeah, lots of options out there. And they also from a company called Arcade one up. You can pick up these like three quarter size arcade cabinets. They look like Kaluga, and they look like, you know, mortal call mental Then you put that in your in your basement or what have you if you've got one or a man cave or what have you, but it's a three quarter size and for a couple 100 bucks, you know, you've got all the classics there. Dig dug. I don't remember any. Yes, my dating myself here paper. You're dating yourself. But you're dating yourself in a good way. But it's my birthday. I'm aging here. Brother was looking at me like, Thank you. Okay, We're speaking a new pinball as I never could figure out what I was doing, but I did play pinball. And I know Pac Man. Y'all haven't mentioned Tetris. So I'm confused The rest of the stuff. I don't know. I don't have them. See if yours oldest marking me, You wouldn't know it, but I don't know these people on the game. Yes. Very. I heard you talking before our segment about some songs that you think you heard when you were a kid. You're singing. Yeah, we were singing Force MD's tender love to set you up for the tender second, but when you're young, and you're you know you're sometimes we said you don't know about people listening. There were many times I sing songs. I look back now that I'm the age I am And I say who Let me listen to those songs like Shirley Murdoch as we lay? Yeah, that.

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