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Jake McGee will take over on the mound in Austin Barnes. He's going to pinch hit for Cody Bellinger. So Barnes here in the 9th 62 Giants lead it. Catcher at 2 27 6 homers 20 knocked in the pitch, and it's swinging a foul tip into the myth of Casali for the Giants. Tomorrow. We'll head off. Tonight, they'll head off to Colorado. They'll take on the Rockies tomorrow. The pitch. And that's in for a strike, and it's nothing into the Dodgers, meanwhile, will head to ST Louis. And play the Cardinals. Cardinals wildcard hopes still alive. Is your too Outside. If I made you pick it. Obviously, the first wild card is going to be the loser of the West. Who do you think the second wild card is going to be? Padres Cardinals Reds McGee is ready. And a pitch swing and a broken back ground ball to third. It hopped up on Bryant spins around the throw pulls belt off the base, and Barnes is safe at first that took a weird hop and It's spun Chris Brian around. It's going to be any five. I'm not sure what happened there. Boy, check up at the end. Yeah, did And then with that it made With the ball checking up that way, it made Chris stutter step. And then his throw was offline and belt came off the base. So Barnes is safe and now pool once will come up to him. Looking at the replay. It was almost like Kris Bryant in real time realized how he dodged a bullet because that thing checked up and almost hit him in the head. It almost him in the face. It's true. So binds it first. Here's Pujols the pitch to hide as Jake McGee. We'll try and close this one out. 62 giants were in the top of the ninth. The Giants win. This one will have won the season series 98. One of Swing at the ball drilled out towards left center field that one back on its way, God and pools with a two run homer, and it's 64 last night book. You were talking about the professional at bat that he turned in with that sacrifice fly to right field. Man. He's come through here and again, the experience. He doesn't have bad speed, quick twitch everything he had when he was younger. Nobody does. But man, his wisdom and ability to feel things out and come through with a big at bat was on display right there. He knew he got it, too. And he is really loved in that clubhouse pitch that is outside Ball one. Those strikes Getting interesting down. Nobody on nobody added to to run game and the pitch that's downstairs and out, too. And, oh, so Jake McGee having some issues here. He's got 29 saves to 70 e R A. But McGee like their entire pitching staff. He's not a big strikeout guy kind of anti What Most bullpens are here's a swing and a pop up right side Estrada onto the edge of the outfield grass, and he makes the catch singing back to us for a second. One of the stories that I love. Their ring ceremony. Every Dodger was asked to give a favorite player And when they came out to receive their ring, there would be a message on the video board from their favorite player from Ichiro Suzuki or David Ortiz. Well for Will Smith, his favorite player. And the guy who got the message from was Albert Pujols. And now he's his teammate. They can't beat l. A here at Oracle Pike. The lead is down to 21 out Outfield backed up. Here's Max Muncy pitch. That's a strike. Thanks followed 93. On the left Jake McGee, 35 years old. Oh, and the South Paul fires just off the outside edge, and now it's one and one. I got to answer the question. You asked me about who gets the the other wild card, the Padres Reds. I think maybe it through the Cardinals Phillies in there, I'm going to say that the Padres 11 roll through the left side. Whole base hit and it's going to bring the tying run to the plate. Mm. So Muncie just rolled one through that left side. Do you like the Dodgers and not just the Dodgers, But the Giants as well. They do not go into the night quietly late in the ballgame, and you know each manager very well aware of the team on the other side. Lot of respect. They know it's not over until they get that final out the ninth. Can't cruise the finish line the exit below on that roller 77.8 just rolling and rolling. Living just finding a way through that hole on the left side. And now the crowd buzzing again. Dodger fans as well pitch the bets and Mookie takes down low. Singing to me. These are the spots for facing the Dodgers. It's so hard. It's like you don't get a breath. You don't get a break. McGee's dealing with bets. Turner's in the on deck circle. Segers in back of him. Smith is in back of him. I mean, every one of them easily with one swing ties this game off one. Oh, Inside. It. Backs backs away. And when you think about where the order was when McGee came in, it wasn't supposed to be this way. You had eight Nine pinch hitter pinch hitter then turn it over. You should have turned it over with at least fill one out. Maybe two outs to the top of the order agree. The two old on the outside corner for his strike. Just did paint the outside edge. Mookie Betts, and this one has flied out. He's walked, He singled and scored and he has grounded out. For Mookie, one out of three coming back slowly from his stint on the I O with the bad hit to one lifted in the year foul right side twist off out of play, And now it's two to Cokie had a pretty special moment this past week at Dodger Stadium, his mom throughout the Ceremonial first toss. And then he hit a home run in the game, and he blew it kissed tour. It was great Jake McGee, who leans on that four seam fastball. What will he go with here to two months. The first one out here comes swinging a little roller foul third base side. Who is this person? Bets climbs back.

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