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The boldest attempts in years to reform the system was defeated at last night in the state house with 45 voting in favour and at sixty three voting against the bell representatives debated the legislation crafted by republican house speaker tom leonard and catholic radic fright near mike duggan ninety ninetyminute or the fifty traffic and weather four times an hour and a half and the hague next dennis prager show time magazine has a very very worrisome cover the reagan administration is undoing government as we know it of what other conservative could we of cerpa boyer conservative still so anti the president we'll talk about that latest news i even have a plan for north korea next dennis prager show dennis prager weekdays at noon on a patriot dennis prager coming up and if you love to think you will love my show stay tuned here are the patriots shortly speaking people have been wrong far more often than they have been rife randy i appreciate your listens no you just said plenty and i'm going to correct you because with all due respect you're wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong now back to that guy on the radio who's always polite mike gallagher so the first christmas commercial on tv last night please way but it's it feels like it's a shall live somehow doesn't it a couple of weeks away from thanksgiving hard to believe what is this november the what are we the third holy cow this year has flown by i want a time to be alive i just noticed a tweet from some guy dean somebody who's a progressive host on satellite radio everybody's all hyperventilating over donald trump's the president's twitter account being taken down for eleven minutes yesterday i mean it was it was a total meltdown everybody was oh my gosh they've did they should is account and you know people laugh about that but i'm not i'm not sure that that is in the offing they also spend the couch look it would dennis prager is having to do with googling youtube shooing them because they've actually removed his prager you videos because they're conservative colin them hate speech and and i can absolutely she and i mean i will say to get these words out in the universe but it's true.

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