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What is just so striking to me throughout my sister is that you to clearly love each other so much and you come from a deeply loving family, and even with all of that love, and with more resources than than a lot of people. Have you still ended up running up against a lot of the challenges that lgbtq Specifically Trans Specifically Trans Women of color run up against including having a really precarious housing situation at some point right and you go through your late teens early twenties. You're housing is in flux. There's a period where you're living with Salinas and. And that just doesn't work for either of you and so I sort of I want to hear from you. mean you play the role that a lot of us play in our own families right where we are? The eldest and people rely on us, and people expect us to show up, and at the same time have trouble with boundaries and knowing how to set them in when to set them so this is sort of a critical moment for you because it's the first time you really set a boundary with muddy, so and you do a thing that i. I cannot imagine having to do which is to say. You cannot live here and we have to find another place to live, and that other place is shelter. Those are moments that I think about now that that hurt and that. Obviously it worked out right, and it was the moment of tough love. And, it's a moment that I had been told by my parents and my other siblings and I needed to do with Maricel here. I am trying to be everyone's everything. Right and then I'm struggling with my own stuff. You have a marriage that is falling apart. You're going through depression. Your career stuck in the mud I. Mean I. It was uncanny. How often youtube were in a very challenging place at the same time? Oh my God, so it was so hard and I didn't have anyone to talk to. There was no one that I can say. You know what today I thought about how I'm going to kill myself today. That's my thought and that moment where I literally said. I. You can't live here anymore. It was literally like. Let me try. This I've tried everything else, but the tough love, right? I cried I cried so much in that car, but there was something. Something that told me this really could possibly be a turning point and I think you know obviously after reading writing the book together and going through it, and talking about that moment was when Marisol had her own epiphany that night. When she told me like okay, you can live. Yes, I was completely heartbroken. I was like Oh my God like I'm so used to having my sister. And then I knew that at the same time. This is like a half to do this regardless. Because I'm going on issues, I knew my sister was going through her own initial, so I didn't want to continue to add my baggage onto her and saw. I knew that this was at this I to make the best out of this situation and make something happen so that night when I got dropped off and I'm meeting everyone at the shelter. I felt relieved. I had hope I have faith. I went to sleep in my mom, so as the pray. And I. Just pray that night. <unk> cried myself to sleep, but not of like sad tears. It was happy tears because I falling was finally going somewhere in my life that was more positive than all experience that I experienced beforehand.

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