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Time for another installment of sea hunt. It's still alive and today we're GONNA keep up our theme of Space Travel and sea hunt when we take you to season two episode seven titled Diving for the Moon In this episode premiered on February Fifteenth Nineteen fifty-nine. Think about that. We were still two years away from manned space travel in this episode. Mike is training a group of four pilots. Who are astronauts in training? One of them is a doctor. Dr Adams and then there's Ed Tom and Pete now they're supposed to be off the southern part of Florida but actually it looks like this was filmed off a catalina. At least from what the underwater topography looks like so these guys are in phase. Three of their training and their mission is to navigate to a supply base underwater at sixty feet. And they're supposed to stay there six hours in complete a whole series of tasks now one of the pilots. Ed stays top side to get the radio fix which is not working properly so he can monitor it for the weather. Seems like something's brewing. So they head down military style according to Mike. Now you've got Mike and Triples. There's two divers in doubles. And there's one guy in a single tank the underwater sequences have a little bit of everything. They're down near working on Algebra problems. They're playing checkers. They're doing puzzles. They're eating food capsules. And or drinking water Underwater. Now Ed finally gets the radio fixed and finds out that they are in the direct path of a hurricane so he high tails it down to let Mike know. Well now they have to try to make a break for the surface but as they're going up the line they find that the boat has broken from its mooring. Mike wants to get to the surface but the turbulence is too much and pushes them down to now they all need to go back down to the bottom and waited out. Luckily they have all those extra spare tanks now to communicate with the pilots might takes out his fairly large dive knife and starts tapping out Morse code on his tank. Not sure what happened to their slates. Anyway Mike Starts. Outline all the problems they're going to face nitrogen are Costa slow on food low on air and heat loss. He did say. The temperature is fifty five degrees. Wow that's pretty cold for a hurricane in south Florida there. Great shots of them changing over tanks with the double who's rags. Mike takes the empty tanks and ties them up for future use. Can you guess what that would be all about? Well now Hypothermia Hits Tom. He shaking all over. Dr Adams takes out a mouth thermometer from his bag to take his temperature. And it's not good. So Mike takes out a magnesium flare sets it off and starts warming them up interesting now. All heck breaks loose. Pete freaks out tries to bolt for the surface. But they catch doc. Adams gives him the first tranquilizer underwater shot through the the wetsuit. Then shock show up the vultures of the deep according to Mike Mike Chases them away would flare but now they need to get to the surface. How are they GONNA do that? They take out all the empty up cylinders and they build a ref pretty impressive underwater but they have to get to the surface. Luckily the hurricane is passed the coastguard dispatches a Hilo to show up just in time as they come up. There was a lot of underwater stuff. Here I can only imagine how much went into these underwater scenes. The show was almost all underwater. Now John Lamb is credited with the underwater photography and Harry Edmund Junior with all the underwater special effects so diving for the moon another connection between sea hunt and space flight. Hope you enjoyed this episode of C. Haunt it's still alive..

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