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Herm is going to continue to steer the ship or they'll go in a completely different direction because I never believe pain when herm came in that things could get worse than what they were under Todd Graham's leadership. So as to why the talent might not be producing, it's quite simple. Women weaken legs. And as for Herman the ship, I'm just visually thinking of a GIF where the Titanic's going down and he's just shoving staff members overboard and that's what's transpired here. He has definitely not been shot. Everybody loves is not what you think he is. Yeah, he's definitely not been shy about throwing guys in front of the bus. To get them chewed up and spit out as a result. So Arizona state a team to your point that took massive amounts of money under the total and a team that appears to be fracturing at the seams. We'll see if Florida transfer Emory Jones can be the difference maker there. But there you have it. 7 relevant teams as far as the PAC 12 is concerned with a little bonus breakdown of my beloved Oregon state beavers, but pain before we get out of Dodge and put a bow on the pack 12. We do have one final order of business to transact. But before I even let you get there, again, use the promo code bet the board go to FanDuel dot com and no sweatpant up to a $1000. It's perfect for any wind totals or anything else you want to bet on FanDuel's extensive betting menu. And now my friend, the floor is officially yours. I'm going to be quick because we already broke this team down. We are going over 8 and a half minus a dollar 40 at FanDuel on the Utah utes. If you want to hear any more of the breakdown, there's about 15 minutes of it. It'll be timestamped above, but going over 8 and a half -40 for a team that we have favored in every single game. Is really interesting to me. There's very few times you're going to have that ability. And I know, again, perception might be a little bit different when you hear public folks talking about making college football playoff run. I don't necessarily believe that to be the case. We just have to get 9 wins here. And it's shocking that you have that ability. It's at FanDuel as Todd alluded to the link in the description, click that, sign up, bet Utah over 8 and a half. Second, straight year. We go back to Salt Lake City for a best bet in the PAC 12 with Utah over their win total. Or mind all of you, follow pain on Twitter at pain inside or I'm Todd fuhrman, you can follow me there. Most importantly, follow the podcast at bet the board pod. And if you haven't already done so, tune in to bet the board's first foray into NASCAR with the stay green podcast pain always encourages you to find alternative investment strategies

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