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Talk where of the phone lines coming up here in just a couple of minutes coaches paul has been released for this week of the season a week number four of the rankings are out alabama number one they will la had to vandi this coming week after forty one twenty victory over colorado state clemson after that very impressive when a poppa john cardinal stadium last i forty seven 21 the tigers day add number two six firstplace votes oklahoma workmanlike expert over two lane fifty six fourteen there at the hapless baylor coming up this weekend will talk about the bears coming unusual delay out they felt oh and three and who now we thought the it's funny first week barely gets upset by you know one aa next week wait a minute yeah now he's or gives us shut again and nougat urban antonio bennett so weak three baylor gets by duke at honda tondelua hit the panic button alico you now emme nino we've had a couple of big twelve people on and let them think hits behler and kansas fighting it out four lastplace nestle and i've seen no indication to tell us otherwise ben states up one after fifty six nothing whenever georgia state southern cal i'll wins but gets jumped by penn state not sure hell out happens but it did southern cal a beats taxes at home last night in that thriller double overtime to fall of fifth washington hold steady at number six oklahoma state after sending people to sleep and feel yesterday she that yeah did what would it they did give away coupons rate even have stay awake pacheco instead to stay yeah yeah it said you'd have to be conscious together free beverage you just had stay love it when you get a little low shot at the panthers 59 21 calp oaks move up at spot michigan drops a spot eighth ohio state stays at nine wisconsin's.

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