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As four to one hero heroes ninety two kinks zaid's. Jack's jack's point is aids junius brutus. Tanzania's twelve <unk> divy d. show go to go. I i looked victory days very solid and could just be a lot pattern these that was a great role new york last time but when i taught was overpriced and way overpriced cruising lord who was a little bit disappointing last time at ascot but if you go it's only three star to go since the cruise lord was just beaten by curious and enlisted sprint. That's on them and in the context of this race. I think that's quite good farm. If there is rain i don't think that's going to bother to cruise dog because that they attended integrated with self so the more rains the moore's chance improves and you'll body and plus. It has his name again again. Phillip mena wreck is that his name is name actually philip minarik at germany german. Yes that's konishi nine nine. Doesn't it muffling belgium might be. I looked up as we kapadia page on. It says i'm says he says he's german. Women champions fair enough yeah but you could still be so yeah. It could be belgian just 'cause he's. The german champion doesn't mean he's definitely german. Does it darren who's your liking in the four o'clock. I taught this renaissance straightforward could end up being the stakes are burleigh. Bears <unk> stark speaking thought victory day here was absolutely rock-solid where tuned to one. I think this is big fight there. I recommend snap that'll off off-balance shorter absolutely monster on that he did literally everything but when i think jamie sponsor make amends and expected and g he wrote were you see victory was second beyond my oh three commission your close time so it's kinda hard to get away from him but i am going to because i don't really like the pri- so one short enough for me. I thought that magical wish was interesting. That was i in that race beyond recommissioned victory database go back and watch it on the video <hes> finish stronger absolutely flow heim and your speech wreck and ask always stamina tracks so he's is going to be coming into play here and he's being running over a seven furlong since i think he ran galway on over seven and that's a stiff seven as well. I think a stiff six or so in well. I have to again sadly after mentioned the reserve you see me. It was also fifth in that race. I do think that race might be the key oviously and that one was one that stayed on really well and if you seen he gets in a double feature proc- lovely world done for the shergar cup. Let's do the rest of the i._t. For action next so does any tree bet that that my horse has to do part of the race in reverse. Everyone loves a newbie. That's why poti power games are getting all new customers. Sixty free spins on daily jackpot games <music> games customers only one per customer jesus. He's applying to become welcome back.

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