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Shaw and Matt MS ler villain in for Michael spat. Although we're here every day. So really, it's just Michael's not here. Yeah. Michael filling in more. We're still here. No. But but Michael Mike for today. And and if you missed any of our show, check it out audio boom. No, I'm ni. Oh, yeah. W t actor dot com. Yeah. And you can find an Omni as well. As ways to subscribe and everything but we've talked to Chris young for a couple of segments. Former Michigan basketball, captain about the basketball teams, really really impressive showing on Wednesday. We talked with Brian Wiseman. About Michigan hockey's big series against Michigan state. You know, big opportunity because like, you know, he he won't say. And there is some fairness anything can happen in college hockey. It's not it's a very parody driven sport big opportunity for Michigan to get a sweep. I think they can not sure if they will. I think if if they can and they walk in there eight and five maybe maybe you get a couple of wins against Minnesota to suddenly you're right back where you started the season in that in that kind of top five top eight mix. So big opportunity for the wolverines take him out Saturday, if you're interested we also did true false in the opening our and for this next couple minutes, we're gonna we're gonna go over those those results a little bit. Heard from her from good amount of people. I'll few of them are pretty one sided. And I I think I think that's fine. But it is. It is interesting. Actually, they are all decided by at least seventy percent of the vote. So yeah, now seems like some of them got voted on more than others. In fairness, but anyway. First one Michigan will lose. At least two assistant coaches this off season. The people are with us. Seventy five percent say true, obviously, that's not pending any name Steny thing or or saying, oh, they'll go here. They'll go there just you know, we we heard mcelwain was linked to central Michigan. I imagine if he doesn't go there that won't be the first school to offer him a promotion. And then that's that was kind of always maybe not always thought of as part of the deal. But I think that was something that was understood that he's not going to be a ride receivers coach for long, you know, he was a division one head coach and pretty successful. I mean, the I don't think he was ever gonna fully cut it at Florida. But sound like he was he was a slouch there. You know, he's definitely qualified especially for group of five school. I think would would be interested in snatching him up Sony. Seventy five percent of you say true just to typically, I mean, I think it's happened every year. I'd be curious last time. Michigan didn't lose to assistant football coaches. I will say C T and T big great basketball mind. Good follow on Twitter, if you're interested. But he he replied and Said Sadi and yacht glitch. You know, referring to the basketball. I mean, I mean, we imagined it earlier to that. You know, they've got the great potential that they could go coach somewhere else. But I live in the now, let's let's live in our yada, yada. Your are still on our bench. I'm not on the team. So I don't need to live in the now. But. Well, you know what? I loved messing with you. Because it might never it. Never doesn't bother you. When you say, we hit a Mike, you're not on the team, buddy. Let's live in the now all of us fans. I have to imagine, yuck. Let's get hired by somebody. Oh, I would imagine. So I can't imagine a school wouldn't try to snatch that up. So anyway, seventy five percent say true for football. Also sticking a football four of Michigan's twelve regular season. Twenty nineteen opponents will have first year head coaches. Four is high. But thirty percent of you say true, seventy five seventy percent said it'd be three or fewer true. But I really just kinda the nature of the beast. I'm predicting more than anything not saying anybody's leaving. But they're six schools and seven if you want to count Notre Dame that I think could have them. So do they go four for seven. Noshir forest forest high. But it has happened before I think two thousand sixteen they faced five or six first year head coaches this year, they faced Canada frost. SMU had a new coach was that. All. Yeah. Western said there for years now. Yeah, lester. Yeah. Lester at western. That's fun. So seventy five seventy percent say false number three. Michigan football end up with two or more five stars in its twenty nineteen class. Michigan fans believe baby eighty three percents say true right now, they have Dax tannehill. And they have. They have Zac Chardonnay who is twenty fifth in the twenty four seven rankings as people pointed out on Twitter d Norris. Drew Norris as you said mainly saying, yes, because I think charbonnet ends up as a five star good point all if the other recruiting rankings that aren't twenty four seven catch up in their belief and Chardonnay he'll move up. He'd be he'd be a five star. Right now, I think he's one hundred in the composite he's twenty fifth and twenty four seven so clearly our site views him much higher than than the other sites. Do but you know that could change that can change. As far as Zach Harrison. They have a crystal ball lead. I think I think it's a it took a took a hit to the keystone. And now they got to get back up and keep fighting, and you knew that was going to happen. Yeah. If they beat Ohio State, maybe maybe he commits that day, you never know. But you know, if they'd if they beat Ohio State, obviously, it's easier. They did not their defense did not look good. But it sounds like between Michigan's Ohio recruits of which they have many between Washington, and Greg Madison and Brown you guys who who've really done a nice job selling Michigan to to Harrison. I think. I think it'll be think they'll be able to fend them off. So so I said sure on that eighty three percents true. And then here's one that. I'm I think the fans might be I this is wider than I thought it was gonna be Ignace will finish the season is Michigan basketball's best freshman under John B line. And it's Chris young pointed out, Manny Harris is it was pretty good. Yeah. Trey Burke was pretty good. I mean, he Trey Burke, probably under the new system where you can test the waters. He absolutely would have tested the waters, and I think he would have ended up emerging as the first round pick. And I think he might have gone. So hard. I I know Iggy scores a lot. And I know he does a lot of things. Well, I think there's there's something something a little different about what Trey Burke did. So I I'm tempted to say true. But I might I might pause for now as far as the will finish the season is making bats because teams are going to figure out, you know, it's not like he's. He's gonna suddenly slump like crazy. But I think the teams are going to realize okay. This is the this is the best player on the team. You know, we got to defend him. Anyway, those were the true false is on the other side our last staff picks until the bowl season. Exactly it conference championship games. We're going to talk a little bit about the playoff. And where we think Michigan football will end up this bowl season. Stay tuned for that. And the rest of the show on the other side. You'll listening inside the huddle here on sports talk. Ten fifty WT lately, it seems like everything we use everyday is getting an upgrade from the bed. 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