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That's GATT, IT dot Robin, Hood dot com. Okay, guys. Well, right now, we're gonna call our last person Steve. So this was I so when I scheduled this I believe that he was in the pool. They called it the Farrell's ice cream parlor crush so farewells. Crash. And I was like, okay. So maybe it was like a company had a lot of their people on this airplane crash. Behold. It was actually a jet in a show an air show that lost control and rammed into an ice cream plant one, but two places one of them being ice-cream parlor filled with kids. It was the highest was like the highest rate of fatalities on the ground as part of an airplane crash because about fifty people on the ground died from this thing just below ING through it. I screamed so there yet he was seven at the time. But he remembers it vividly and his mom died was he in ice cream parlor in the lead who's on the ice cream parlor. So he was soon. While already. Okay. We have Steve on the line. Hello, steve. Thank you for calling. So Steve I have now come to learn that the plane crash that you are involved, and you were not on the plane you were in an ice cream. Parlor is that correct crew? So I know that you lost your mom at the age of seven in this accident kin is it so motion to talk about or you just so young that it's it's easier than you would benefit were little older. It's actually not a it's. Recalling the event is like recalling a scene in the movie because it children children. Don't attribute a lot of the emotional ours. That we get as a note because we don't see the events in the same way. And it what what was funny, and I really came into perspective on the fortieth anniversary when the firefighter burn in it, which was came about because of one of the fire captains that was in the building with us that had passed and the fire department the guys have gotten together. And that's how they started the Vernita that he see UC Davis hospital. And what happened was was another young young man that was in the accident with me at this event. And he and I were talking about how we both about the same type of recall when we talked about the the series of. Vents? And it was it's just something that because we weren't we aren't tainted by at seven years old all of the other outside stuff that we would had we older. Can you describe that day for us? And how you both for call it. Absolutely. It was it was a it was a really beautiful day. It was sunny day September. It was warm. Our house was up for sale in my mom had been to Farrell the week or two before. So it was a family outing to God of the house because the house was they were doing the open house. So it was it was a fun day. And when we got there, it was extremely crowded, the the places it was it was divided into thirds. And we ended up sitting in the center section. We were..

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