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For three to picture it comes and there goes on a line into the gap in left center field. Chasing it down. His Bellenger keeps it off the warning track. Freeman is in. It goes to second, he's safe with a head first slide. It's three graves. That's Jim Powell on Braves radio. Marcel Ozuna Zarb E I double came in at six run, six that knocked at Clayton Cruise Show out of the game. Last night. He was charged with four runs on seven. It's and five plus Ozuna. Finish four for 52 homers for R B I three runs scored while 22 Year old right Bryce Wilson allowed just one run over six in his eighth career start Their Braves one tend to our a game away from their first world Serious since 99 Game five stars just after eight, Central in Arlington tie Lewis, the Clippers new head coach, and Daryl Morey is stepping down his rockets GM at the end of the month. He was tense millions of head coaches well, they have spoken with Jeff Van Gundy the last two days. And there's some reported momentum for John Lucas. Because of his connections to harden and Westbrook. Lucas was last in MBA coach in Cleveland in 2003 Bill back to you. Thank you. Bog is good stuff from our We're gonna try to make that stick. Now be fair. You have a long history here. But just be careful because because Bug Ryan Hickey when he started work on the show that night. You know, did or didn't just demanded. He called trace as in the number three in Spanish tiara? Yes, And I didn't realize until I left and came back that everyone goes. That's his name now, right? Like everyone calls him trace. Tom did Benedito tells me on and off the area. It's stuck. I did it. I mean, I've never heard it. I haven't seen him in forever. But I've never called him Tracer for anyone. Call him that. Is he writing in a third? Lower ARB r you got you got you got you got to get up with the was talking to our body of America captured. I need you to just randomly dropped a trace. Or maybe the conversation before that. Yes, I talked to trace. Yes, it was a weird like demanded it had it on his twitter handle very over the top for a fill in back in the day like, please refer to me as trace. Had a guy here who also change his last name, like sizzle or something. If you want to be in the air, remember what it was like Something like that, like producer Just like one of those moves, Right? Like okay, bro, And the case is over. Call Suma who exists to still goodness Yeah, with a lot of ego in the night show. None of them going from those chair. All of it coming from behind the glass. Monomers. Inaccurate heart are good stuff. Let's move on. Move on, Let's out. Let's do this. Let's talk some lady on Belle. I love that movie. The chief's broken by the way by our friend front of show to raise paler over Yahoo sports and some Anthony Davis each of their decisions and how they impact two of the most interesting teams in sports. The two reigning champions in The NFL and the MBA, respectively. We'll get into those things.

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