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Their focus on the corona virus no opening a house here in Connecticut Democrat Rosa DeLauro said it is a real and growing crisis she argued that the U. S. is behind the curve on the availability and distribution of coronavirus test kits Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole said a deadly new diseases just plain right away airlines are slashing flights in freezing hiring is the experience a huge drop in bookings that arise in cancellations in the face of all of this delta airlines announcing this morning travel demand has fallen so badly in the past week it expects one third of the seats to be empty this month on its flights within the United States they also say that is worse on the west coast then on the east coast another big primary day is in store for the Democrats today six states including Washington are holding elections senator Bernie Sanders and former vice president Joe Biden spent yesterday campaigning with a big focus on Michigan and it's more than one hundred delegates on Tuesday let's win here in Michigan A. B. C.'s Brian burrow is covering all this this morning Ryan how does Michigan shape but that seems to be the big prize today apple stock gives Democrats in the course of history books and look at what happened here twenty sixteen you're never going into the Michigan primary Hillary Clinton and all the polls with the double digit leader yet she lost the state is upset that will tell the judge and Bernie Sanders campaign that pushed him into the primary she could extract a lot of people this time around we're seeing very similar numbers Joe Biden added that will be good when it comes to the polls as far as double digit leads in some of these local polls but will the forty Sanders people trickled out today this is one of those states the Democrats desperately want to win one of those lost all state you feel incredible phone which started state that Hillary Clinton lost the general election so that's why a lot of attention a lot of resources and importing to the one hundred twenty five delegates here in Michigan and your reporting this morning from Cleveland's because that's where the two candidates will end up tonight right just across the border and the reason is they don't have a lot of debate on the next round of state Illinois Florida Arizona and right here in Ohio and that's the reason why they they just can't stick around in case you get lucky with the door locked they gotta come somewhere else and be getting all the stuff for the next round of and thanks for the update this morning ABC news correspondent Ryan burl time's running out by the way to turn in your ballot in today's presidential primary here in Washington if you haven't already all ballots have to be either in the mail or in a drop box by eight PM you need a postmark of March tenth today the secretary of state says there's already been a thirty five percent turnout more than one and a half million ballots have already been returned Harvey Weinstein's attorneys are asking the judge in a sex crimes case descends the former movie executive to five years in prison the lawyers made that request in a letter to justice James Burke of the state Supreme Court in Manhattan when he said this tomorrow Weinstein could face as much as twenty nine years in prison he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a production assistant and raping and inspiring actress komo news time seven.

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