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Three for three improves his batting average to three eighty four one week later mantle will injure himself when he and I've never heard this story he angrily swings a golf club and a branch and Gallo Jews he shouldn't own all of that her is there anything worse than like running into something with your she and I tell you a quick story what one no time few years ago in the backyard I had the wheel barrel out and I'm not like candy I don't do a lot of yard work I'll do the mowing but I had the wheel barrel out in I I started to run with it like pushing it quickly to get it out into the garage it hit a rock in it stopped in my should the rammed into the back part of the the Wilbur in it sliced it open I'm Tony I cried I was rolling around yeah I tear it bleeding cut to like the bone the white of the ball rolling around I was in here if I might I'm going to die do not push and run your wheel barrel if you for nothing else for me tonight well where do we leave off this St nineteen sixty three I'm never gonna get through all these threads in giants he says in this game Jim Maloney L. pictures one Maher show to win four to nothing want to see a game like that this date nineteen sixty four imagine this nineteen year old Mets first baseman ed crane pull homers off eighteen year old Phillies pitcher Rick Weiss a nineteen year old against an eighteen year old are the St nineteen sixty nine Mets reliever Elroy face gives up the last of his twenty one career extra reading home runs in eleven thirty grand slam to Johnny bench as the Reds beat the Expos think about that for a second he gave up twenty one home runs in extra innings in his career the St nineteen seventy Jim merit strikes out thirteen maps raids wind five to one the St nineteen seventy one don Gullett in waiting Granger combined on a one hitter to beat the cubs eight two two I like this in nineteen seventy two Tigers manager Billy Martin literally picks his starting lineup out of a hat in an attempt to hold the Tigers four game losing streak it works they beat the Indians three two nineteen eighty three this local note Jeff Russell a Cincinnati native makes his major league debut for the Reds pictures a three hitter beats the Padres three to one and he helped himself with an RBI double I think I got time for one more this involves Turner ward the Reds hitting coach nineteen ninety three Ricky Henderson traded by Toronto to Toronto by the eighties gives teammate Turner ward red hitting coach now twenty five thousand dollars for his uniform number twenty four that's really that's like classic Ricky Henderson Ricky must have Ricky's number I'll give you twenty five thousand dollars and one more two thousand a night Johnny combs his second three home run game of his career as the Reds beat the national seven to nothing Bronson Arroyo a two hitter that was fun I wish we had more time to decide but I love the Ty Cobb one apparently believing the Tigers could no longer win the pennant and are not in the race anymore begins a vacation from the Tigers are and I got to get out of your final score tonight the sad news the nationals three and the red one now I hope we can hook up after the game tomorrow afternoon it'll be in the evening around seven fifteen seven thirty or so we'll do sports talk until nine this was fun thanks for being a part of it the news is next and then the eighty end of the home of the rents newsradio seven hundred.

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