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A spokesman says the department stands by the official arrest time has just after midnight. But there is an internal affairs investigation into the specifics. Mike Crausser NewsRadio on willow, five point nine FM public school. Teachers in Los Angeles may walk off the job this week picket signs are ready to go in LA. Teachers are just waiting to see what happens as labor negotiators head to bargaining table. One more time ready to take a stand for what's right, and what's right for students. Teachers say class sizes are too big. There are not enough nurses counselors or librarians and supplies and textbooks outdated. We have science textbooks that are so outdated. The common core science is not in those books. LA unified school district officials say a strike will only hurt students and they're happy. The teacher's union is still willing to talk Cooper Ronal for CBS news, Los Angeles, the vanity of Kelsey Barrett. Who is they're putting missing on. Thanksgiving Day has yet to be found her fiance. Patrick crazy has been charged with her murder. More from CBS news correspondent Kenneth Craig. Police believe Berith is dead. And that phrase the a blacksmith killed the twenty nine year old flight instructor inside her home around Thanksgiving Day, the court documents provided no clues about what may have happened to bear. With the also cite no motive and no evidence. She was killed by phrasing. Who prosecutors have charged with her murder we filed under two theories? One is deliberation. Murder and the other is felony murder. Sources tell CBS news. Detectives are now also investigating an Idaho woman. WBZ news time four thirty five. Frankford man is how thousands of dollars after his lift passengers Tokuda with his car and crashed it Blake man's telling CBS too. He thought was going to pay full coverage for his damage card lift had told me that they weren't going to be responsible for any of the damages that were done to my car since I was on the clock, even though. Oh, I have liability. I should be fully covered.

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