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Ono I didn't wake up this morning a week and a half two weeks it's been a little bit fast and furious and the lack of progress on my ankle and I'm in pain and I'm still in pain I've been in the cycle which feels like mmhm it's been four years of this and repairing rehab cycle and for me to move forward in my life the way I want to the dozen ball football Andrew luck is retiring from the NFL is only twenty nine years old is about the to turn thirty he just inform the colts of this information not too long ago tonight forces at its fair share of injuries Adam Schefter of ESPN reporting that long block is mentally worn down and he is speaking to the press as we speak jets are losing to the saints in preseason action twenty three thirteen and fourth quarter at MetLife stadium Sam Darnell in thirteen ninety seven yards and a touchdown Taylor Burton let the new kicker to for two field goals fifty six and forty eight yarder next dropped one to the Braves nine to five the city field Alonso's franchise record tying forty first home run of the season put the Mets ahead five to four but in the bullpen gave up five on answered runs and the Mets lost their second in a row to the Braves losing tonight at Citi field nine five Yankees offense quieted ship is reading at the doctors only five hits a two to one loss that featured a controversial ninth inning cleaver towards is told to go back to third base in the night and a G. O. R. shell of fielder's choice because the umpire called time after doctor closer Kenley Jansen requested time and he did this after break ardor slid hard into mac's Muncie at second labor it already started down the line with a guy down.

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