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Does the apple pencil is support on the cheapest ipad that for them to continue to want to sell pat pros they need to widen the gap between those two products again so you know like the pencils always been a pro feature when now it's not so they wanna try and make sure that the gap is wider again for the ipads and it makes sense to do that sooner rather than later so that's why i think if we're gonna get happened in june i also think we're just not gonna get in september anymore because it's not important enough and there's no point in taking time away from the iphone keno like you may as well do them on a different shadow i i don't think that is beneficial particularly to hold them until september they don't need to it also gets rid of the weird awkwardness of like will they or want to have an october even for a long time they had both and they didn't and a lot of times that second fall event was like i pads and other stuff samak's stuff that was kind of just like grab bag and very early october even have like a nice thread all the way through yeah i don't i think it's definitely possible i'm not saying it's not just think that's interesting they've done it once and now we kind of take it for granted but anyways yeah i mean also if you're going to have twelve with no lie pet specific features of the bbc giving pro users new ipad is a good way to sort of calm those concerns down to say well you'll have no new features but hey look you got a new ipad with face idea and a new design and no home button so everybody's still kinda happy even though the software is still basically the same so we talked about the education event was that only a week ago seems like that even it was a year ago.

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