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With with animals classic but but they totally were squad they were squad of friends one of them like honey a lot all winnie the pooh i love him take yeah they're so cute good feel good and they're british right all country yeah all right we got two more for you okay i'm saying this with love compassion in the spirit of true sisterhood you are full of shit only your friend can talk to that way my favorite movies it's about it's about a bunch of of divorce as who are trying to get revenge on their ex husbands and goldie hawn is fest wives club i love a sin as you said that line i was thinking i'd like to be friends with them it's it's a love that movie okay this is the last one irregardless exboyfriends are off limits to france i mean that's just like the rules of muniz rachel mcadams and this one also takes place in highschool yet rachel mcadams and lindsay lohan yes mangoes yeah well you know you came back that was some difficult questions it was difficult we had to to work on our clue giving well we hope we've cleared up this week's reason because that is it for this week's this is why you're single podcast thank you so much tina wilson you can download the wingman app on itunes and you can follow them on facebook at wingman application and instagram at wingman underscore app ap also a little plug for ourselves check at our book available on amazon barnes and noble audiobooks on audible but any other plugs that i missed for where people can find our loved it it's been really lots of fun so thank you yes things.

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