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Hotter than it. I was hotter than it has ever been in Las Vegas. It's harder than that in the Nevada desert. But in Las Vegas, even So, uh, But in death Valley How hot does it get there? It can get 220 a little more, but it is a dry heat. Well, that's just supposedly this is not a dry heat, either. I mean, it's not as bad as Down here in the south and near the gulf, but, uh, certainly more humid than enough. Then the desert regions of the West 7 25. Let's get an update on traffic on the fives. Now, here's Bill Jackson. In Rockwall County on 9 30 eastbound past FM 5 51. Only the left Lane is open past an accident that the high five on the 75 North Bomber and the East Bond 6 35. There's erect. 75 also has accidents. Now North abundant McDermott and Allen and North Beyond 3 80 in McKinney in Addison on Dallas. North Tollway South Bend, Killers Springs. There's a rank one lane is getting by. Lewisville Live 35 years closed North found at business 1 21. That's due to a crash on I 20 looks like accidents, East funded Cockrel Hill and on the 20 eastbound ramp, the North Bon Highway 67. In Fort Worth on, I 35 W North sounded very an accident blocks the off ramp with Kalia of traffic on the fives. I'm Bill Jackson. I'm meteorologist Brad Martin. Harold Tropical Wave on the Texas Coast is leaving a lot of gulf moisture spread over the eastern half the states So we're expecting more.

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