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People that got injured basically their injuries were not life threatening. But you just never know. What's underneath the skin says there were even people who weren't taken to the emergency room who had neck and back injuries. He says it was incredibly frightening. And he had no idea. What was going on when the boss God head there were screaming people? Yeah. It sounded like a bomb going off it sounded like a bomb going off. You know, boom. Several people in the pickup truck were also hurt and taken to the hospital that vehicle was completely totaled Cooper Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Metro board. Members aren't quite ready to make the leap and jump into a study about congestion pricing. Now congestion pricing would mean charging drivers and kind of fee to reduce traffic in LA. The basic idea is that by charging a fee. Fewer people would get behind the. Wheel and maybe travel by public transportation. Instead metro CEO Philip Washington says this could Aratu Kate congestion in LA is big. It's bowl the money could help fund. Some key transit projects in time for the twenty two thousand eight Olympics. But some board members expressed concerns about poor people about people who rely on their vehicles for work and about drivers who don't live near public transit. The goal is to get people out of their car. So we don't want to be punitive on how we go about doing this. And one of the members said he's gotten emails from people wondering how they could once more asked the public to reach into their wallets folks who are anti taxes and say, I've paid those that gas tax I've paid the sales tax. You're going to tax me again. Are you people crazy? The metro board will dive back into congestion pricing next month in LA John pair can.

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