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Who was elected to the Texas radio hall of fame the year after he did a live broadcast of the battle at the Alamo together, they bring you straight talk, and honest answers about everything automotive. On car pro USA. Thanks for joining us. This is car pro USA. What we do is. We give you straight talk about everything. And we do it for free believe it or not. We don't make a penny. If you use one of our viewers toback harbor, we do because they're advertising on the show where what keeps us on the air and has I seventeen and a half years and all that time. I trust you kicked. Kevin McCarthy was with me. And he's with me today on this president's day weekend at the president's day weekend. Yes, George Washington's birthday, which is did, you know, there's little factoid for you did not they have never the official holiday is still Washington's birthday, even though they everyone decided some years back to start calling president's day. There's never been in a congressional resolution or an executive order designating such no the history of the dead presidents day. Yeah. It's dead. Presidents kind of like the ones you carry around a wallet. Hey, let's speaking of the why don't you carry around in your wallet? What did you think of the list that US news and World Report came up with of their list of the best vehicles, bang bang for the buck in different categories? You had in the newsletter this week. Well, I put a us this list because usually US news World Report. And I think a lot alike when comes to vehicles. I mean, most of the cars that are here. I have reviewed. You can never go wrong with the Toyota Camry in the midsize car segment. Toyota Avalon hybrid in the large car segment, the new Hyundai Kona for subcompact SUV, which I absolutely love. And odyssey minivan. I mean, how many times you've heard me say that? Alexis are excellent. Yeah. And Honda CR v that was the cat. That's a hard category. I'm I'm not sure how they arrived at the CRV. And I certainly wouldn't argue with it. But I would tell you that there is a lot of great issue in that compact segment at one of them last week, the touring that team Chevy equinox. I've been a big fan of that since it came out, and especially if you're talking about value, which is what this list was all about best cars for the may equinox is going to be hard to beat. And I would put the escape route there with it. What about the car you've been driving this week? That's team dodge charger RT skit back with four hundred and eighty five horses under the hood. And it feels like a lot more. You know, I've had the hell cat several times seven hundred seventy dollars. And then you drive this car four hundred ninety five horses. And yeah, there's a lot of difference in the horsepower. But this car is actually easier to drive this car is a good daily driver. It's got twenty inch wheels. This thing will just fly Scott. I'll tell you this. What makes it easier to drive the hell cattle get away from if you're not careful. Okay. Every time you go to take off the hell cat. Here's the tires burn. You can do about it. I mean, you just give it that. Just get down on the accelerator a half an inch. And it just comes to live. I mean that super charger kicks in. Do you every time every time? And now, you know, this car it forty six thousand dollars, it's less than half the price health care. And and you said you told me that their rebates. Oh, yeah. On this one. There is there is on all the charges. You gotta you gotta remember that. They haven't changed the charger in a lot of years. So their cost of research and development is down to nothing. The one thing I love about every crosser product that I get in is the you connect system on the dash that runs everything. It's the simplest easiest fastest system. I know of and they just knocked a home run with the system. In fact, they don't call it that. But when I get in my Maserati quadrupled together somewhere, it's exact same system. They don't call. It you connect because that's that's a cross Roddy made by Fiat. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Maserati is made by Fiat Chrysler. So it's it's it's just it's just exceptional. Let's talk to Mark in Cleveland, Ohio. Mark, welcome. Well, thank you. Thank you for taking my call. Sure. What can I do for you? I have a two thousand nine Nissan. Morongo fell in it said eighty seven thousand five hundred miles. Yeah. And I started having transmission problems. I have a cvt. I took it in they replaced the throttle body. And I'm just wondering is this still worth keeping? Can they take it on a trip? I want to go to Columbus, Ohio. I live in west side of Cleveland or homestead. And I want to go to Virginia Beach in another month or so are they repairing the transmission or they replacing the transmission? They repaired it with a throttle body. Okay. I. Nissan CB tees up to about twenty thirteen just weren't wildly reliable. I mean, they are today. But back then I mean, I I've never forget reviewing a two thousand fourteen Pathfinder seventeen hundred miles of see Miki failed on me. That's not the way to get a good review. Did you have a dealership do the work or was it? A transmission was I don't know. And how long ago look long ago was that. I'd put about four hundred miles out at San and so far so good. So far great. Okay. They've upgraded that throttle body to where you may not have this problem again. I I would certainly stick it out and see. It's hard when you lose confidence in a vehicle you start talking about taking trips and getting to and from work, and that sort of thing kind of messes with your mind a little bit. I get that. But I would give it a try if if this is a new throttle body, and I can't imagine that they kept the old one because the failure rate was huge. But if if if it were me, I'd keep driving it and see how it goes if they've got if it's right now, you've probably got seventy five two hundred thousand four miles in this thing without any issues. Wow. That'd be great. 'cause that's what I was hoping for visible Rothstein Estar. There's when I take it to my guy, usually go for Royal changes, put Mobil one in it with the, you know. Shoulder and all that. Now, you're doing it. Right. I look underneath the car. I look underneath the Carter's very very little rust compared to other cars, I've all and keep it. So I mean, that's extremely low mileage for a ten year old vehicle. So you know, the way you're maintaining it. I'd take the chance I would tell you this at the first sign of anything going wrong with that transmission, I'd make a fast trade because at the age that it is even though the miles row at the age that it is, you know, retail value is is going to plummet if the whoever your trading it into cell to thanks to put the transformation. It's probably not worth of that point. Cvt transmission is about four grand now. So I would keep an eye on it. But I tried for a while. I.

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