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Rob Kendall who's filling in for big knowledge it's going to run some stories behind me and almost all of you if I'm okay with that or not let's go all right here for the Olympics in Tokyo have been postponed according to the Olympic committee member of my favorite yours Dick pound Dick pound yeah I'm okay with this because it feels like this is what happened with March madness I honestly think the Olympic committee was still trying to find a way to have these games same thing with March madness they were gonna play the games in the empty stadiums and what not but then you had Duke and Kansas come out and say Hey even if you have the tournament we're not going we're not travel and you guys can have your own tournament were out all these other countries like the United States track and field team team Australia all these teams were coming to the Olympic committee saying yeah we're not common there even if you do were not common there goes awry and women's soccer teams chance of a gold medal it was going to be around a north Korean the finals baby team all run track and field baby gold medal year all right now I'm okay with this now the Olympic committee spokesman Dick pound stop laughing you insensitive **** are said they're more than likely going to suspend or postpone the Olympics until the year twenty twenty one it's amazing how far we've come I've been directed January early February when they were they were we could suspend Olympics I was like it'll never happen and I was like well does it happen well there's a lot of money in play here a lot of money the Olympics in Tokyo we're going to be a big deal at N. B. C. just pays off fortune for these things so when that type of money is on the table you find a way to have it there's no such thing as a cancellation you postpone it can you find another date are you okay with this Madonna member her right now the material girl yes you look a little rough these days she put out social media where she was in a milky bath tub with roses telling everyone the corona viruses bad thing around committed nineteen doesn't care about how rich you are how famous you are how.

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