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The today the fixed income demands more that a fixed approach bit means staying ahead of every changing markets making the most of traditional strategies that also looking beyond them not just finding opportunities for investors but creating them we didn't invent fixed income but we reinvented every day pemco all investments contain raskin they lose valuable investing in the bond market is subject arrests consult your investment professional prior to making an investment decision and the visit we wish jamie butters are us auto reporter a happy twenty eighteen could a heavy with us jb a your story today has to do with the car loans and i'm one if you could just put this whole idea of car loans in the context of the rebates and the offers that are being made you can't help but see a television commercial for an automobile maker i was looking at one chevrolet i believe extending their employees discount to any one that comes in if you're offering like you know forty five hundred dollars off this can't be a great market or my missing something well uh if crowder had a perfect market but it's still pretty pretty darn good market uh and you're not you're not missing anything but in fact harming year where i knew get some trail friday people are trying to clear out their old inventory you have you know 2017 model go out on dealer lot uh you know maybe miss time something or somebody else a ransom discounts and and left you with too much inventory you've just got to get rid of those right 'cause if you're selling even if it's never been driven selling a 2017 in calendar year 2018 uh you you're going to have to give that car away.

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