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Gene 10yard line and out across the fifteen not much there twenty five thirty little hesitation forty two yard line after we adopted yeah that have an opportunity to to make a attack oh probably about twenty to thirty yards deeper in their territory black uh uh uh passed the ball carrier so it's gonna give us oh ross of all first and ten at their own forty with six fifty five left in the game so need to have a solid stand here by bell havens defense if we can't get bakken give another score here to tie up the ballgame so david silk order back they contrary wilson in at running back to man snap davis hands off route two wilson going left across the 45 out to the 48yardline eight yordano first down uh so we get down to yards to go looked like a overloaded at one side brought the tide in um over to actually look like i had to tidy ends over the gbp almost jon allen again the gain of seven yards on the place i get down league yards to go forward lubos the targets the venture is out in the slot to the right keep an eye on him davis quarterback snap gives a running battle nil that's wilson not much there he gets almost to the line to gain you gotta get the mid field and it'll be thirddown in about a nose of a ball for the first now gene wouldn't be surprised play took a shock here um diana but t with the fbi and third down they're just going to look to try to extend the gdd explain the extend the drive so run that caught five two that's probably they'll they'll try to round the clock switch un let it run milk the sevenpoint willie davis handson abdullah beleive in defender and yet job by the blazers steph gats and comes in again with another big play also widely david lewis sophomore linebacker in there on the tax yeah they were there was a huge presence there for the uh for the blazers were sol ross tried to send the ball and court gave him a little extra pat on the back pushing nogo there was actually a loss in the play and get the best care with the just under five minutes to play the alert on special teams here nice punter tries.

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