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Do. I'm here for it. I mean stuff from the seventies here for it. I just been listening to just a little bit of everything but yeah definitely. Add those to my my Spotify lists people give me crap. It's like i want from here. Like trat music to meditate in to this is this like vicario beats the hip problems sleeping. So the last one. I'll give you the choice here because both baltimore questions. One of them is both a word association and the other one is one part. So which one do you want to do. And okay so under normal circumstances so this is just like more so finish the sentence so under normal circumstances in baltimore you will be doing. What three different things that you would like to be doing under normal circumstances snow snow-covered everything kinda like simple okay A normal circumstances in baltimore would be if kobe was was not a thing you i would. I would be living in museums. I'll be going to galleries installations exhibitions performances I'd be going to live concerts Mythos and i would. i would Because sinophile i would be you know in the back of the theater somewhere you know watching watching some independent random obscure films. I'm here for similarities there because I'm kind of stressing right now at you know. I usually go to be oscar. Best picture showcase every year ago. So i was literally like our first date. She's like you ought to be with me. I was like sure those dogs to sixteen hours. It was good. But yeah you're you're coolest talk to you so If you have anything that you wanna plug Here's a moment to shamelessly plug anything. You're social you're even though you don't really use your website. Whatever you want to plug and again thank you for coming onto podcast and thank you again for having me feel free to follow me on instagram. I do you know. Keep up to date with it. angela underscore in underscore carol Also hit my link tree which has links to recent articles has links to recent conversations That have done Check out the baltimore. Museum of art's youtube page. I just had a really beautiful conversation with my mentor and amazing. Contemporary artists salary menard Who has a show up at the baltimore. Museum of art called lost and found Is a beautiful extraordinary showcase. Kind of many retrospective of her work and she is An elder and powerful person in our community that if you're not familiar with police get familiar with her her work and her legacy. She cares about us. She loves us And we We need to honor her her in her flowers and hurt in the receipt of her flowers is long overdue You can see Virtual clips of the exhibition At at the baltimore museum of art and again you can catch our my conversation with her in a virtual gallery tour on the baltimore. Museum of art's youtube page. So again thank you. For coming on the podcast. And i'll do my masan off so for for angela. in carroll i'm rob lee and this is getting to the truth and his art and i am saying there's are in and around baltimore he's have to look for..

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